Advertising without a budget

We totally get it! How much should you spend and on what? That's the real question. 

But, even with that question you need to have some kind of idea as to what you can affordably spend.

And, if it's a matter of you have zero dollars to put towards marketing or advertising that's a whole other issue.

So, we've broken it down here for you. 

Let's Talk $0 Marketing Ideas

What can you do to promote your business, product or service for free?

  • Create your own social media pages and post about your product or service

  • Invite all your friends to follow your business pages

  • Run a contest on your social media pages or in-store for a free product or service and make sure you ask the winner to leave your a review about the product or service to build your credibility

  • Create a free offer or giveaway to get noticed by potential customers

  • Write helpful articles on your website that propose your service or product as the solution detailing why it works and how it works

  • Join a networking group and annoy them by asking for referrals like crazy. (just kidding - and we know this one isn't totally free because you likely have to pay a membership fee but it's a good starting point and helps you fine tune your communication skills and sales pitch.

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