Why You Should Include Google Ads in Your Advertising Strategy

Why You Should Include Google Ads in Your Advertising Strategy

When you’re reviewing your marketing strategy, there are several online platforms you can advertise on. One of the biggest and more beneficial platforms being Google. When you use Google Ads to promote your business, be confident knowing that your advertisements are relevant and reaching the right audience at the right time. Google Ads uses algorithms and keywords to connect your ads to the right demographic for your business. You also have complete control over how much you want to spend, where your ads will run and how long they will run for. Customize your plan, your way and sleep easy knowing your business will get valuable results.

So, how can you be sure your ads connect with the right people on Google?

There are many ways to advertise using Google Ads including:

  1. Paid Search – Have your ads shown next to Google Search results and on partner sites. Every day, 3.5 million searches are made on Google. You want to show up. 

  2. Display – Your ads can appear across 2 million sites and apps. With Google Ads, you can reach 90% of people on the internet whether they are on their phones or computers.

  3. Video – capture the attention of viewers using video advertisements on YouTube.

  4. Shopping – Selling a specific product? Place your product on the Google Shopping list.

  5. Apps – If your goal is to get more downloads of your app, have advertisements appear through Google Play, YouTube and on Search.

Are you still wondering why Google Ads should be a part of your strategy? 

Google Ads offer a broader spectrum of benefits to suit different business’ advertising needs compared to other platforms. Whatever the size of your business (or your budget), Google is one of the most effective platforms to advertise on. Did you know, Google has two missions they pride themselves on? One is giving searchers the fastest, most direct path to what it is they are searching for, and two they want their advertisers to gain valuable results and direct access to the key customer they are looking to attract. That’s why it is easy to customize certain features to meet your needs to achieve your goals. 

  • If you want to drive sales – With Google Ads, track your outreach with the in-depth tracking features offered to analyze how well your ads are doing. Based on those analytics, see what ad campaigns work best for your business and keep customizing your strategy to improve your ads and increase your business’ sales. Whether you’re selling a service, app or product, Google Ads has a platform for that.

  •  If you want to get leads – Do you want to better understand your demographic and reach the audience who are most likely to become your customers? Google Ads allows you to do just that. Google uses algorithms that connect your ads with the right customers based on who is using the platform, location and what their search history is. Google also is nearly always listening so you could say their robots know what you’re up to and interested in.

  • If you want to increase website traffic – By using keywords, have your advertisements be the first thing a user sees when they use Google Search. By using Google’s analytics tools, track how well your advertisements bring people to your website and on which of Google’s platforms you get the most clicks to your website from, as well as paying attention to what they searched in the first place.

  •  If you want to influence buying considerations – Whether it be in a few short words or a small video clip, tell the viewer why they should consider your business. Any upcoming promotions or new products available for your customer to buy? Promote them through Google Ads.

  • If you want to build brand awareness – Reach out to a wider audience and make people aware of your brand. If your goal is to spread the word about your business, Google ads have tons of features that will allow you to reach as many people as possible. Think online billboard with a ton of highway traffic flying by your ads.  

One of the very few downsides to advertising on Google is that it can be time-consuming to run your ad campaign and your business at the same time. It’s also a complex program to understand and can be complicated when looking for ways to optimize your campaigns. At 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions, we can help you better understand how Google Ads work and why you should consider them in your advertising plan. We can even run your advertising for you! Whatever your advertising or marketing needs may be, we have you covered. From print and digital advertising to brand development and more, we do it all! Call us today at 705-252-4180 and let us take the stress out of your marketing and advertising.

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