Achieving SEO Success – making your website stand out from the rest

You want your business’ website to be at the top of the search rankings – that’s a fact. Perhaps you’ve been trying for a while now to climb the rankings and still nothing seems to be happening. So, what’s the problem? You have just redone your entire website, and nothing seems to be working – what gives? Well, just because you have a brand-new website doesn’t guarantee you’re going to climb the search rankings overnight. If you want your website to perform well, here’s what you need to look into.

Relevant topics

You may have thought keywords would be at the top of this list. We will get to the importance of keywords in a bit, but your SEO strategy shouldn’t be all about keywords. You need to know what’s important to your industry. What are the questions your customers are asking? You want to post relevant content for your customer, otherwise, what’s the point of them checking out your website? Quality content for your customers is what is going to drive them to visit your website and come back to it later on, maybe even, time and time again. Creating content people want to see will drive traffic, and by driving traffic, it will improve the relevance of your site in terms of how search engines like Google rank one site over another. Before you start working on keywords, make a list of content and topics you will cover each month by writing a post or an article perhaps. This is what is called a content strategy. After you’ve come up with topics, then it’s time to start thinking about keywords and how you can work them into your content.


Yes, keywords are important, and you want to have a specific keyword phrase for each page on your website. Think about the different pages on your website and how people would search for the information on it online. Come up with a bit of a keyword list (without going overboard) and then using an SEO tool, such as Google Keywords Tool, to see how these keywords perform and come up with variations that work for your business. Narrow that list down to around 10-15 keywords that people within your audience are using and then rank these keywords based on their search volume and relevance to your business. That’s the order you should prioritize working them into your website.


Having a weekly blog is a great way to engage your website users and rise in the search rankings. Every blog is a new webpage (and a new opportunity) for your website to climb higher in the search engine rankings. Blogging also allows you to expand more on your subtopics and those blog posts will show up on search engines.

Update your content regularly

You need to keep your audience engaged by updating and adding new content regularly. That’s one other reason why blogs are a great idea – it’s something new for your audience to come back to every week. Also, remember that certain keywords may rise and fall in popularity so keep updating and reviewing your keyword lists regularly. If you want your website to rank high, your content needs to be relevant and interesting to your users.

Link building

You might be asking yourself what link building is. Link building is the process of attracting inbound links (or backlinks) to your business’ site from somewhere else on the internet. Links are a signal that search engines use to determine rankings. Therefore, the more high-quality links pointing at your website, the more your ranking will increase. But remember, a good link needs to be connected to something worth linking to. You can’t just plop a link here and there without context hoping for that to boost your rankings.

Do you want to learn more about SEO and how to get your website to the top of the search rankings? That is one of our specialties here at 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions. From creating a beautiful and captivating website for you to making sure it’s performing at the highest level it can, we’ve got your website needs covered – 3SIXTY. Get started by giving us a call at 705-252-4180 to set up a meeting and let’s take your website from 0 to 100 today!

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