Want Better Engagement? Create Highly Engaging Content With These Insider Tips!

So many social platforms, so little time! Creating content for your business these days seems like you have to be everywhere, all at once, sharing all kinds of unique content. How does anyone keep up? You need to be sharing content that is not only engaging but also drives growth, while still managing your day-to-day business responsibilities.

We know you’re crazy busy! That’s why we’re going to let you in on a secret, you don’t need to be everywhere… you just need to be where your customers are!

Ready to engage your audience? Start here!

As with anything, good things take time, research & a little fine-tuning. To achieve great “content creator” status for your business, you first need to be able to clearly identify your audience. Who are your customers? What do they like or dislike? What platforms are they on? Creating a persona for your customers can get the ball rolling and help you define a) where your customers are online and, b) how they engage with the content on those platforms. With this information, you’re well underway to fine-tuning the content you create!

It’s not about creating LOTS of content, it’s about creating the RIGHT content.

You don’t need to utilize every available content creation tool out there, especially if your audience has preferences in terms of the type of content they like to engage with. For example, why spend your time creating extensive videos if a GIF will do the job and get better interaction? It comes down to knowing what your audience wants to see, and then presenting that on the platforms they love! Narrowing down the content you create means you’ll have more time to refine your work to represent your brand and company persona while also generating more results for your effort!

Make sure your brand is always easily identified!

No matter what you create and share, your content should always be easily recognizable. This comes from the consistency in what you share, the tone with which you write, the graphics and colours you create and the voice of your brand that is broadcasted in all of your work. With a streamlined approach, you’ll see your audience turn into fans right before your eyes!

Whether you’ve been creating content that hasn’t delivered the results you’d hoped for, or you’re starting from scratch and want to be engaging right out of the gate, it all comes down to strategy. Achieve “viral” status and become the content creator you’ve always wanted to be! If you need a little push in the right direction (or want seasoned pros to handle it all for you), give our team a call! At 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions, we LOVE a good content strategy and our work is proven to bring in those fans that convert into customers!

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