5 Ways To Win When it Comes to Tradeshows

5 Ways To Win When it Comes to Tradeshows

Tradeshows are great events that give you a prime opportunity to engage with your community and see what your business is up against in terms of competition. However, if you don’t have a strategy in place or enough time to plan, it can be very easy to get lost in the crowd. Whether it’s 10 booths or 100 booths, when you attend a tradeshow, you want to stand out. With the right marketing tactics and tools in hand, making your business pop can actually be pretty simple. Here are 5 effective ways to wow the crowd at your next (or first) tradeshow!

1. Be prepared – Preparing for a tradeshow takes a lot of hard work. Be sure to book your spot early that way you don’t run the risk of missing out or getting stuck with a crumby location. If this isn’t your first tradeshow, then you know how exhausting they can be (set up, standing all day, building rapport with leads, clean up, etc.). Make sure you get lots of sleep the night before so you’re ready to take on the day. You’ll also want to let people know in advance where you will be. Letting your following know on social media or through advertisements where the event is and where they can find you once they get to the tradeshow is important.

2. Bring your best team – You want to be energized and ready for the tradeshow, but you also want your team to be on the same level and right revved up about it too. These people are representing your business and make or break your first impression. Have your most knowledgeable and personable staff at your event to increase your chances of customer conversion. They should be able to answer any question thrown at them and fully understand your products and services. They should also be friendly and inviting. Are they sitting behind a desk texting on their phones or are they standing at the front of your booth, engaging with people as they walk by? Be forward, be present and stand out.

3. Have eye catching displays – If you really want to stand out from the competition, make your message clear. Your booth should have signs or posters that clearly states who you are and what it is you’re offering people. Humans are very visual – so the more the merrier. If it’s a specific product you’re selling, have the product available so you can demo it or showcase the benefits to your leads. If it’s a service you’re offering, have information packages available for prospective clients and include key pieces such as business cards, brochures, rack cards and so on.

4. Take lead notes – Tradeshows are a great opportunity to understand your audience. Be prepared to take notes and gather information on the people who pass through your booth. What common interests or questions do they have about your business? Is there something they wished you offered but you don’t? Are people interested enough to give you their contact information because they want to stay updated with the latest information about your business? This information can help you further understand your demographic and how to better sell them your products or services. Tradeshows aren’t just for the consumer, get the feedback you want about your business as well. If there’s a common product or service people aren’t really interested in, use that information to work on and improve it.

5. Be memorable – To make your mark, be creative. Think of past tradeshows you’ve been to and the booths you remember visiting. What was it that made them stand out from the rest? Sometimes people have free merch or products to give away such as keychains or water bottles with their logos on them. Even better, sometimes businesses will have small contests or games available for people to win free prizes such as a ‘spin the wheel’ game or Plinko board. These hands-on activities engage bored visitors and attract crowds of attention. Keep in mind what separates your business from your competition? Whether it’s your promotions, your high-quality product or unmatchable service, highlight the best aspects of your business and run with it.

Behind every great tradeshow booth, is a creative and hard-working team or marketing and advertising specialists to make it happen. Want to make the most out of your tradeshow and get the results you want? At 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions, we’ve got your covered from advertising the event to creating informational packages to coming up with creative ways to engage with your customer on the day of the event. We are your one-stop shop for everything you need to make your marketing and advertising strategy successful – our tagline no prob-llama isn’t just a catchy phrase! We get behind your brand, building the advertising and marketing solutions you need to achieve your goals.

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