Should you hire a marketing person internally or consult a marketing agency?

So, you’ve been running your business for a few years and have started to review the statistics. For the last little while now, your sales and traffic have started to become stagnant. What better way to improve your numbers than by looking into new marketing and advertising opportunities? For a business to increase sales and clientele, it needs to invest in advertising and marketing to attract new customers and to build your business reputation. However, would it be better to hire an in-house marketing person or reach out to a marketing agency to get the job done? Well, we have the answer.

You love your business, and we get that.

For many businesses (more specifically medium and small businesses), the owner is usually the founder. That means your business is more than just your business, it’s your life. It’s a product of all the choices you’ve made and the hard work you put into creating something amazing. However, running a business is already a lot of work, so why pile more responsibility on your already full plate? Hiring your own marketing team within your company can be a lot of work and extremely costly even before the thought of staff turnover possibilities and issues. By hiring an external company who are experts in all things marketing and advertising, they can take that workload off your shoulders. Sometimes the issue is trusting someone outside of your company to represent it well. With the right marketing agency, you can rest easy knowing that they’ve got your back and their overall goal is to keep your vision alive and your business running smoothly.

Some businesses also try to equally pass off certain marketing workloads to their current staff. But, there are a few issues that arise when you do that.

  1. Do they know how to write engaging, marketing material that will reach the right audience?

  2. Do they know which platforms to use for advertising and which will be the more effective choice for your business?

  3. Are they properly trained (or do you have time to train them) on how to advertise a business?

  4. Do you have the right resources to take on new advertising plans effectively?

  5. Will there be enough time allotted for your staff to complete marketing tasks along with their current workload?

  6. Does your team know how to create a strong, engaging and effective marketing or advertising plan that will improve your business?

The answer to many of these questions us usually no. But for us, the answer is yes.

Marketing agencies have the right knowledge and resources. It’s why they exist.

There is a lot more that goes into marketing and advertising than what you see on the surface. Like an iceberg, what you see above the water (the social media posts, the online advertising, the print advertising etc.) is just the beginning. There is a lot of work, patience, and research done to make a marketing plan successful. By hiring an external marketing agency, you can save time knowing that your marketing is being taken care of, save money on not having to create new job roles within your company and save energy on not having to stress about your marketing not being completed on time (or even done at all). At a marketing and advertising agency, they have the right tools and resources available to make a proper marketing plan that suits your budget, sees the results and constantly looks for new ways to improve your results on an on-going basis.

But, hiring my own person is more cost-effective!

Is it though? Let’s run the numbers here, you hire a new marketing grad who is up to date on social media, digital everything and they make everything done on a computer look easy. That would run you about $16.00 an hour? And, you hire them full-time. $16 x 40 x 52 weeks = $33,280.00 a year before benefits, buying them a computer, HR, payroll deductions, accounting fees for adding that new person into your system…and you haven’t even spent a dime yet on your advertising. That’s $2773.33 a month in payroll – and even if you pay an agency a monthly management fee, is it that high? Plus, isn’t it more beneficial to work with a firm that has the expert you need like a copywriter, strategy planner, social media expert etc. so depending on what you need each day, the job is taken care of by someone with real world experience and know how?

At 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions, we have the team and the skills to help your business grow. We are the partner you need to take things to the next level. Let us help you take some of the weight off your shoulders and leave your marketing plan in our hands. At our advertising agency, we have got you covered, whatever your marketing needs or goals may be. From creating to executing a marketing plan, building a lead generation system, writing engaging content for your website, managing your digital advertising, booking your radio advertising and more — we are there every step of the way. With our resources, you don’t have to worry about going to multiple places to knock the important items off your to-do list. We even have an in-house printing press to take care of any printing you need done too! So, whatever your vision may be, we can make it a reality. Call us today at 705-252-4180 and let’s chat about what you need and how we can help make your business life a little easier.

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