Increasing engagement – 5 tips for connecting with your audience online

Keeping your customers loyal to your business has a lot to do with how your brand engages with them. With new products, services and companies popping up all the time, competition is fierce for any industry and maintaining the attention of your customers can get tricky.

How do you keep all eyes on you? It comes down to keeping your customers engaged!

Check out these 5 ways to keep your audience’s attention on YOU!

1. Be helpful to your customers

One of the best ways to build brand loyalty among your customers is to be helpful to them! Take time to use your platforms to identify common problems among your customers and offer ways your product or service can help solve that! If your business knows the struggles of your audience, then your insight can improve their experience and build trust among your customers.

2. Stay active on social media

The more active you are on social media, the more accessible you are to your customers. With so many people relying on their smart devices to connect, a business needs to be available to their customers 24/7, 365! With an active social presence, your customers can find and engage with you wherever and whenever!

3. Stay relevant

Everything happens so fast online these days. Trends pop up out of nowhere so it’s important for a business to know what’s relevant to their audience. When you keep up with your audience’s interests, you align yourself with their ideals and define yourself as an approachable and relatable brand. Who doesn’t want to shop with a business that gets you?

4. Change your brand voice from “me” to “WE”

Communication is a 2-way street, and customers LOVE to feel like they’re a part of your brand. You can achieve this sense of community online in a number of simple ways like:

• Answering your customer’s questions • Responding to online comments • Encouraging your customers to interact with each other in a positive way • Encouraging brand loyalty using social media tagging and hashtags

5. Reward your audience

You may have seen businesses online hosting things like contests to build customer engagement. You may be surprised to know that a simple giveaway can make a dramatic impact on not only your audience engagement but the growth, too! People love free stuff, so when you offer a product or service in exchange for engagement, you’ll see fans flock to your online platforms!

Building and maintaining engagement with your customers takes time and effort. Once you get the ball rolling, your audience will be eager to stay in touch with your content so it’s important that you are active online! 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions is here to step in and make sure your business is giving your audience what they want…YOU! With our services, we keep your customers engaged and build your fan base while you stay focused on ringing in all those happy customers and clients! Call us today to get started & let’s keep your audience coming back for more!

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