3 reasons you NEED an inbound marketing strategy for your retail business!

How are you marketing your business right now? Most retail business owners use tried and true tactics like flyers, radio advertising, billboards, mailers, newspaper ads and the like to promote events, sales and more. Outbound marketing tactics like this take a “seek your customer” approach. Traditionally, this has been a reliable way to get your business, products or promos out to the masses. Once your message is broadcasted to a wide customer base, that audience may or may not choose to pursue your business beyond that. Unfortunately, tracking the effectiveness of your outbound marketing or advertising can become problematic, and its hard to narrow down SPECIFIC details about where your campaign is performing or underperforming.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to market your retail business AND see what happens beyond the ad?

Enter: Inbound marketing - the quieter, detail specific counterpart to your outbound strategies. Inbound marketing meets customers on their terms, only showing your inbound ads to customers looking for you. This is powerful tool to have in your advertising strategy, and it gives you a whole new world of fun, effective and creative tactics to start bringing in those clients or customers!

So, why should use inbound marketing for your retail business?

1. Ads can meet customers wherever they are.

With the right tools in place, your campaign follows the actions that a customer takes using analytics and tracking, which will show you EXACTLY how your inbound campaigns are performing. Using this information, you can modify your campaigns on your terms to improve the results.

2. Inbound marketing gives you valuable insight into your customers buying habits.

Armed with this information, you can tailor not just your marketing strategies but your promos and even your brand message to align to your target audience. People like to purchase from a company they trust, so build that trust with tailored inbound ads!

3. Your inbound strategy is incredibly adaptable, not to mention cost effective!

Thanks to all that insight and customer detail your inbound strategy gives you, you’re able to adjust almost every aspect of your campaigns to optimize your return and results. That means you can be endlessly creative, use a number of different platforms AND adjust your budget throughout the course of your campaign. Pretty cool, huh?

Your retail business (or any business, for that matter) can utilize the tools provided in an inbound marketing campaign and see some amazing results. An added bonus: you don’t need to create campaigns just for sales or promos! There are so many different ways to create campaigns for almost any end goal you can think of! Learn more about the power of inbound marketing with a simple call to 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions. Let’s work together and turn your audience into loyal customers!

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