Love A Good Dog Filter? So Does Your Audience! Here’s Why Your Business Should Be Using Branded Snap

Snapchat is one of today’s TOP social platforms for the teen demographic, which can be notoriously difficult for businesses to engage with in a meaningful way leading business owners to use other platforms or more traditional tactics. Luckily, Snapchat has a ton of great features, many of which can be customized to help drive your business forward! The most popular feature is the filter option, with a special twist to promote your business or event. Using these, you are able to target your audience both locally and nationally with a tailored filter to engage with your customers in their mobile space.

But…what’s a filter?

Snapchat gives users features to enhance their photos using filters. These filters can be as simple as a black and white overlay to as complex as an animated frame on the image like a dog that barks when the person in the image frame of the app opens their mouth. Some filters are available wherever you are, all the time, and others are limited by location – these are called Geo-filters. When you create your own branded Geo-filter or animated lens, you can make it available to anyone on Snapchat within a certain distance of your business, and even within a specified timeframe. Having a filter available means you can engage with a large, local audience with very little effort… kind of like a “set it and forget it” advertisement that users can engage with on their own terms! If you opt for the set it and forget it option. There are on-going costs, and therefore would be tailored to more of a brand awareness strategy opposed to having an immediate ROI (return on investment).

How can I use a filter?

Snapchat filters are a great addition to any event and an awesome add-on to a business’ campaign to reach an actively engaged audience. A few ideas as to how you could use them would be creating filters around themes like these…

  • Birthdays & Anniversaries

  • Weddings

  • Corporate events

  • Exclusive sales

  • Pop up sales and events

That sounds awesome, but, how do I make one for my brand?

Luckily, Snapchat makes creating filters incredibly straightforward for personal or business use! With so much opportunity for creativity, you can create something as simple or visually exciting as you want using tools like;

  • Snapchats premade templates – simple and easy to use for anyone, any time

  • Canva filter templates – Canva templates offer more customization, although you’re limited to the elements available by the program

  • Photoshop – If you have some design experience, then programs like photoshop or Illustrator offer endless design potential!

  • If you’re not the DIY marketing type – the 3SIXTY team can get the job done for you! We’re just a quick phone call away. (705-252-4180)

For simple designs on the fly, there are a few options for creating basic filters for your business or event. However, Snapchat filters are a lot more fun (& engaging) when they’re customised to your brand! A well-designed filter builds brand recognition and generates interest in your targeted audience to get them in from the street and shopping at your business! Call 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions today & create a stand-alone design or something that seamlessly integrates into your advertising campaign and you’re sure to stand out from your competitors!

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