SEO and Your Social Media Footprint - Working Together to Get You Real Results!

Operating your business likely means you’ve seen the power that your social media presence has on your customers (and your sales). With consistent, engaging content published on your preferred platforms, you’ve managed to define your brand as an authority in your industry and create a loyal following of fans that continues to grow. But, how much of that online activity actually affects your overall SEO? We’re here to break it down for you.

A little bit of backstory…

In 2014, a Google rep shocked the world of marketers by confirming that the search engine algorithm does NOT factor in your social media footprint to your web page ranking. Prior to this information, there was really no certain answer as to what social signals were being considered as ranking factors, if any. However, it seemed that businesses with social media integrated content consistently received more traffic than those without. Why? It has less to do with the algorithm, and more to do with how users interact with your content!

Social media & SEO work together, but not in the way you might think!

Search engine algorithms may not flag social content as a means to directly boost your web page ranking, but it does crawl that content and rank it the same way it would for any other site. That means your social content works 3 times as hard when you publish it:

  1. Your business socials are ranked (often higher in the results) according to their relevance to the user and the search

  2. With the right SEO practises in place, the same social content linked to your webpage is flagged as a reputable 3rd party backlink, and;

  3. By utilizing sharing tools, you encourage your users to engage and share the content with their own audience, thus firmly securing yourself as a trustworthy and sought after brand by users. (Google loves that!)

Bonus: Social media platforms act as their own “mini” internal search engines!

Consider this: How many times have you turned to a search engine to find what you’re looking for only to then turn to a social platform, let’s say Facebook, to do a little more recon work on that same search. Your active social media presence is ranked according to each platform and their algorithms, which then delivers your business in the internal search results for users to discover. By creating a beautiful, branded and interesting social media presence, you can boost your SEO right there on any social platform of choice!

Sure, search engine optimization between search engines and social media platforms may not be directly related (YET), but they work together hand in hand to deliver the results that your audience is looking for. By developing a strategy that puts the user first, you can use the tools in place to get your business found online by your customers by leveraging search engine algorithms instead of fighting against them! Contact 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions and together, let’s review your current SEO strategy or create one so that you have a cohesive approach to search engine and social media ranking! It’s time you take your business to the TOP (of the rankings 😊)… Call us today at (705) 252-4180 and let’s get started!

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