Keep your audience “tuned in” to your business with Instagram Live!

Your business really benefits from your Instagram presence! Your audience loves interacting with you on your content, and you’ve perfected your brand posts in a way that is exciting and engaging for your users. Way to go! Now, why not kick it up a notch? Instagram is continuously updating its platform to offer users fun new ways to connect, and these features can be incredibly useful for business owners!

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live has been available to users since 2016, and many business owners have since taken advantage of the feature as part of their marketing strategy. Using Instagram Live, you can connect with your audience in real-time and your broadcast is shared via your Instagram story. Unlike stories, however, your live video doesn’t stick around for repeat views by your audience. Once your broadcast is over, the content and any associated comments disappear! You may find this surprising if you’ve had experience using the Facebook Live feature for your business, which posts directly to your business page and is then accessible even after the broadcast has ended. In many ways, that’s what users love about the Instagram version. By tapping into the “live” story option you can entice your audience with content they would otherwise miss out on, and no one wants to miss exclusive updates from their favourite brands!

What are the benefits to my business?

Using the Instagram Live feature is a great inclusion to your marketing strategy. Whether you’re using it to promote sales or specials, or you just want to connect with your audience in real-time, there are several benefits to your business:

  1. Engagement – When you “go live” with Instagram, it may seem like a 1-sided conversation with your fans. In some ways, this may be helpful if you’re looking to keep the broadcast structured in order to best promote your message. However, the best engagement comes from “conversations”, and by enabling your comments you’ll find your audience is eager to interact with you and your business!

  2. Personality – When you tap into the live feature of Instagram, you foster an “in the moment” interaction (pre-meditated or not) and build rapport for your brand that can only come from humanizing and personifying your business.

  3. Attendance – The intention of an Instagram Live story is to appear as though the content you are promoting is fleeting and exclusive. However, you can capitalise on that feeling of urgency and excitement by promoting and hinting at your upcoming live video using additional Instagram features like stories or pre-promotional posts.

Build a one-on-one connection with your audience using the Instagram Live feature for your business! By integrating Instagram Live into your strategy, you can really make a meaningful impact which helps to increase sales, reaction to promos, exclusive offers, and new products or simply just giving an insider look into your brand! If you want to learn more about creating a live video for your business, connect with 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions today! We’re here to help you develop that personal connection with your followers, so they can’t help but “stay tuned” for more!

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