The Easiest Way to Reach New Customers? Start Blogging for Your Business!

How many times have you heard the term blogging tossed around in reference to your marketing strategy? More times than you can count, I bet. There’s a reason it comes so highly endorsed by marketers and business owners alike because it’s a GREAT way to connect with an audience. So, when you ask us “should I be blogging for my business?” our answer will almost always be “YES”!

It’s more than just writing, blogs build connections.

A well-written, on brand blog, is becoming an essential component of maintaining your online presence. When you blog, you’re not just writing. You’re giving your audience important information about your business, answering questions about your industry for potential customers, even helping build and maintain sustainable SEO for engines like Google.

Why? These are all big components as to why they help your business grow:

  1. You’re defining yourself as an authority among your competitors. When your customers have a question about your industry, they likely turn to the internet to find the answer. When your blog is written to answer that question, you begin establishing yourself as a trusted source of information for your audience, instead of your competitors.

  2. You’re working on your SEO. By creating new content for your business through a blog, search engines will find your content, rank it, then push it to anyone looking for information about that topic. Pretty cool, right? Additionally, when you integrate some great writing hacks and SEO tactics into the blog, you can reach more people AND convert them into customers.

  3. You enjoy an ongoing connection with your audience. Your blog not only provides great content for potential customers but engages your existing customer base as well. Leverage your content on social media or share it in your email marketing to remain trusted and “top of mind” for your audience.

Excited to get started? Before you dive in and start writing about everything and anything you can imagine, take a moment to hone-in on your topics, your tactics, and your brand. Your content needs to define you and your business. You need to present it in a way that is unique and easily recognizable as yours. That means you want to make sure that the content you create is all “you”, from the topic you choose to the voice you write in.

Our team at 3SIXTY are pros when it comes to helping you create on brand blogs and written content that brings in the customers. Hey, we’ll even do the writing for you! We do the legwork of a writing a powerful blog, so all you need to do is reap the benefit. If just doesn’t get any better than that, could it? Get in touch today and start harnessing the power of blogging for your business! Call 705-252-4180 and after a quick rundown of your company, your goals and the knowledge you want to share with the world, we’ll get started on your next blog right away!

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