There’s No Doubt About It, Your Brand Needs Consistent Content!

This blog is all about brand streamlining & content consistency! In today’s world of modern marketing, the phrase “content is King” has never been truer. Presenting yourself to your audience in a memorable and engaging way is a necessity to grow your reach and set yourself apart from your competition! So, what’s the secret to success? Brand consistency! Think of companies like Nike, Pepsi, even KFC; when you recall that particular brand, you immediately remember the colours, message, voice, (heck, maybe even the taste) of the company. That’s content consistency at work…and customers LOVE it!

How does a streamlined brand help your business grow?

When you give your customers an easily digestible brand, your business experiences a number of incredible advantages.

  1. Recognizable, on brand content improves conversions.

People like what they like and will return time and time again to something they know and trust. By creating and delivering content to your audience in an “on brand” and recognizable way, your audience is 6 times more likely to convert over unbranded, unorganized content.

  1. Content consistency builds trust.

When you start streamlining your content, you will see something magical happen… your audience will pay attention. Building your brand around your company’s voice helps your audience define you as an authority, and as a company that is trusted and worthy of their time. Establishing consistency builds trust and contributes to an overall positive brand reputation.

  1. Brand consistent content is cost-effective!

No need to spend the big bucks on elaborate marketing initiatives! Just give your audience what they want…you! Your audience wants to see more of your business in its own voice, so crafting content based on your brand is an affordable and easy solution with big results.

Don’t forget to maintain your content consistency!

The reason brand-consistent content works is just that…consistency. So, maintaining the voice of your company that your audience knows and loves is integral when crafting any new content. Whether it’s marketing campaigns, blogs, video content, anything your company outputs must follow suit.

These are a few great tips to get you started:

  • Develop and define your tone – are you fun and punny? Strict and sophisticated? Powerful and motivating?

  • Identify your audience – Who is your ideal customer? What do they do? How do they talk? Where do they hang out? What do they watch on tv? Would they relate to your content?

  • Refine your brand elements – Does your logo/font/colours/content match your tone? Is it relatable? Is it converting customers?

Crafting content can quickly veer off course if your vision isn’t clearly defined. In order to bring in that highly engaged audience, you need to give them something to love. Often, creating tools like templates and guidelines can help you and your team easily develop content that broadcasts your brand effectively and beautifully, every time! If you need a little help finding your voice, call your friends at 3SIXTY marketing solutions. With industry-leading tactics and an unbeatable team of marketers, we can help not only define your brand but create and deliver consistent content that your customers will love! Call us at (705) 252-4180 to get started!

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