7 Keys to Unlocking Success When It Comes To Digital Marketing & Advertising

Looking to capture new leads for your business? It can be a tricky task, particularly as your potential clients are faced with so much information and choice on a variety of different digital channels every second of every day. So, what’s a company to do, in order to gain the new leads needed to hit the revenue goals you have in mind? you not only need to be found online, you’ll also need to stand out from the crowd. To help you build a solid marketing plan for 2018, here are 4 ideas to help your business get found before your competitors, stand out and snap up the new leads you’ve been hunting for.

Crafty Calls to Action

  1. Your company website helps to communicate your brand story, including the services and value you offer potential customers and clients. In order to tell the story right, it’s a good idea to make sure your website is modern, well-designed and mobile friendly. We can’t stress enough just how integral this is to gaining new customers because if you get them to your website but, your website loads too slowly or isn’t user friendly on a phone you might be losing customers even though they’re ready to buy.

  2. Not only is the design and functionality of your website important, it’s also crucial to consider the content. Calls to Action (also known as CTAs) are an important way to motivate and encourage potential customers to become actual customers. For example you might add a “BUY NOW” button under a new product you’re featuring on your homepage.

  3. Optimize your CTAs by putting them in the right places. For generating new leads, for example, start by determining the spot on your website where you anticipate most new users will find themselves wanting to buy your product or service most and craft a call-to-action message that encourages new users to either learn more about your services or book their first appointment or consultation. Also, don’t forget that in order to optimize you need to be able to measure to know what’s working and what’s not, this is where link tracking comes in quite handy so you’ll know which link was clicked and where.

Super Simple Landing Pages

  1. In addition to a well-designed, professional-looking website, it’s also a good idea to consider creating a separate landing page in order to capture new leads, particularly if you are focusing on a new campaign in a multi-tiered marketing plan. Landing pages are simple, one-page websites that usually consist of a call-to-action and some type of signup form in order to grab lead information. By using a simple landing page, you’ll increase the likelihood that potential leads will provide you with their contact info and you’ll want to avoid overloading these landing pages with too much info. Less is more, especially in a landing page as all the little extras distract the viewer from completing the task you want them to such as fill out the form to give you their lead information. When used strategically landing pages can be used a variety of different ways in order to drive new leads to your sales team so they’ll spend less time farming and more time closing.

Benefit From Blogging

  1. Another way to attract new leads is to create an online blog. Blogs are super powerful marketing tools that can not only help to increase awareness of your business or company, they can also reach your target audience or demographic simply by writing about the right topics that would interest them. By offering content that appeals to your target audience, you’ll ensure that the potential clients reading your blogs (and visiting your site) are qualified leads who are more interested and willing to purchase the services that you offer.

Get Social

  1. It seems like absolutely everyone is part of some type of social media platform these days. From Facebook to Instagram, and Snapchat to Twitter, the popularity of social is undeniable. Businesses can’t afford to not have a presence on the social media channels frequented by their target audience. SO, if you don’t have a brand page on Facebook at the very least…GET ON IT! At a very basic level, social media provides an easy way to increase awareness of your brand. For example, depending on the platform, a happy client may like your page, post or content or leave a good review. This like or review is then seen by their friends or followers who may be looking for the services you offer and are now aware of your company.

  2. Social media also provides more sophisticated ways to capture new leads. Twitter cards, for example, allow companies and businesses to collect contact information without users leaving the platform. Social media advertising opportunities, such as Facebook or Instagram ads, also provide companies with a great way to target new, potential customers and clients that have yet to connect with them.

No matter, what your goals are for 2018, these helpful pointers are simple to add to your marketing mix and if you find it tricky attracting new leads…share the challenges you encountered with our team and we’ll be happy to help you nail down and implement the strategy that will turn on the taps within your sales funnel. Just give us a call at 705-252-4180 to get started today!

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