6 Tips That Will Hypercharge Your Google Ads

Great ads are the lifeblood of any great business growth. You can design the most amazing product ever created, but without well-planned and executed advertising, you may never turn a profit.

A critical part of advertising today includes creating unique and eye-catching (or more importantly, mouse-clicking) ads especially when it comes to ads online. Google is the #1 place on the internet that people go to search for products and services, and you can catapult yourself to the top of the pack with well-written ad copy.

If you want to seriously improve your Google ad game, then you need to follow these 6 tips:

Use Keywords

Yes, we know this sounds obvious, but it’s still important to mention, considering how many ads we see on Google that haven’t been optimized toward their keywords. If a user searches for something and an ad pops up that doesn’t specifically include the words they searched for, they simply aren’t going to click on it. This is called “bad message match”, the viewer will likely consider it spam and move on. So, identify which keywords are most relevant to your business and make sure to include them in the headline and/or the description.

Ask Questions (And Then Answer Them)

People are busy. When searching Google, they want to find an answer to their problem as fast as possible. Make it easy for them to do so. Don’t talk vaguely about your business or your company mission statement. Ask yourself, “what problem does my business solve” and make that clear in the ad copy.

You can do this by asking a question in your headline that addresses this problem. Once you’ve got the attention of a willing audience, your description can provide an answer and direct them to your business. “Need Hammers? Get Them For 50% Off.” Simple, but effective.

Research Competitors And Highlight Differences

Here’s some homework for the evening. Open up Google and start searching for the keywords you want to focus on. What pops up? Take notes on the kind of language your competitors are using, their tone, and their technique. What kinds of deals or promotions are they advertising? How can your business offer a better deal? (Not that every ad should include a discount. If you’re solving the right problem customers will be willing to pay you for it.)

Doing this will help you see the internet through the eyes of your customers. By understanding your competitors, you’ll understand how your target market is already being reached. Then, use the insight you’ve gathered to develop a strategy that attacks a problem no one else is addressing.

Tell Customers What To Do

The age-old phrase “build it and they will come” does not apply to the world of Google advertising. It’s more like, “tell them where to go and they will go.” Again, given how busy your customers are, you need to give them clear and specific instructions on what to do next in order to connect them with your product. Adding “Click here,” or “Call Us,” will generate more clicks and more calls every time.

Use More Than The Basic Features

Try experimenting with some of the extensions & tools that Google allows you to include or use in your ad campaigns. This can include adding a map to your business, shopping listings for your products, or a click-to-call phone number. The easier you can connect users directly to what they are looking for, the more sales will increases.

Never Stop Testing

Overall what we’ve learned by working with many different businesses, in many different industries locally and internationally is that the best way to create an ad that works is largely by knowledgeable trial and error. By using the technique called A/B testing, you can figure out what kinds of ads, strategies, and keywords work best to turn a result for your business.

With a well-researched and optimized Google ad campaign, you can drive potential customers to your website in droves. However, fine tuning that traffic, as you optimize your campaign, is necessary to ensure that you’re attracting the right people (who will actually buy) opposed to people in general. So long as you make sure to use clear, crisp language that solves the problem your users are having, your Google ads can help accelerate your business and increase your profits. If you have any questions about how to optimize your digital marketing or advertising campaigns to increase your results, feel free to give us a call at 705-252-4180. Our experienced digital advertising team is always happy to help you get the most out of your advertising budget while developing a long-term strategy to grow your sales month over month, year over year.

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