Why Your Business Needs To Target Millennials ASAP!

If your business is not actively targeting Millennials right now, you may need to rethink your strategy — fast. For most businesses, Millennials will soon represent the majority of your potential consumers, and you need to know how to market to this demographic to succeed in the 21st century.

Which is easier said than done.

This tech-savvy, socially conscious (and perhaps a little bit impatient) generation interacts with brands in a very different way than their parents do. As the savvy business owner, you are… You know it’s crucial to understand these differences.

For example:

You Need To Build Relationships

A whopping 84% of Millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. That’s more than any other generation before them. To sell to Millennials, you’ll need more than TV ads and billboards. You need to engage with them on a personal level, and provide, them with quality service.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to do this. By creating informative blogs, videos, and infographics, you can gain the trust of a Millennial audience before trying to sell them anything, capturing their attention during their initial research phase ahead of any purchase. Then, once they are familiar with your brand, they’ll become more open to making a purchase but not until they feel they have a full understanding of what they need.

You Need To Protect Your Reputation

So if Millennials don’t trust advertising (or corporations, in general) who do they trust?

Just about everybody else.

Millennials rely heavily on what their friends and family say about a brand when making their decision to purchase. But more than that, they also research what the public as a whole is saying about a company. 84% of Millennials reported that user-generated content influences what they buy in contrast to that of only 70% of Baby Boomers saying so.

That means it is more important than ever to have positive testimonials and reviews. Replying to every comment made about your business on all social media platforms is highly recommended. Why? Because you need to acknowledge the voice of your customers whether it comes with a positive or negative light. Not acknowledging your customers is a sure-fire way to turn a Millennial into a customer of your competitor.

You Need To Promote Your Values

Millennials also take more than the price of a product into consideration when making a purchase. 60% of them say that they buy brands that reflect their personality. Many are willing to pay more to buy brands that align with their own ideas of self-expression.

This isn’t just about looks either. Millennials want to associate with brands they consider socially responsible. For example, if your business has a low carbon footprint or donates to charity, let them know it! It could absolutely make the difference in turning an online visitor into a customer.

With each passing year, Millennials are going to become a larger piece of the pie of your consumer base. Knowing how to market to them can make or break your business, and will require a transformation of your marketing strategy. If you’re interested in learning how to reach your customers through online advertising and social media, don’t hesitate to call us for a free, no-obligation consultation at 705-252-4180. Our team of experienced marketers is always happy to show you how to accelerate your business’ growth by appealing to the consumers that matter most to your bottom line.

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