Lead The Way: Top Tips For Advertising For Leads

When it comes to advertising for specific types of business, turning your traffic into leads and leads into clients can take a little extra tweaking to your ads. Small changes such as behind-the-scenes targeting and simplifying your site can easily help garner you more success when advertising for leads. Let’s take a look at a few helpful hints to adjust your advertisements for better results when looking for leads that actually convert.

Be Creative

In the world of advertising the number one word is creativity! So when it comes to generating Facebook leads, get your creative juices flowing! You should aim for higher quality in your design, as opposed to a higher quantity of less effective ads. We also suggest you take a peek at Google trends, as it can give you a good idea of what’s hot and what’s not, and it also can help you show relevance by location. These types of specifics can help you to target a more solid market and area for stronger results.

Don’t Dilute Your Target

It can be tempting to try to appeal to all markets and audiences at once through one ad or campaign, despite the fact that it’s a less successful tactic. Instead of going for a broader range on markets, try to narrow down a more specific niche target. Take a look at your analytics to decide on a market, and avoid diluting it by branching out of those parameters immediately.

Set-Up Your Forms

In order to turn your advertising into business, you need to strengthen your lead generation with your forms. Be sure to always fill out your forms when you’re setting up your Facebook lead ads. For the best results, set your optimization for ad delivery to leads, and remember to be specific. While this may seem like an obvious approach, it’s often over-looked as a vital factor in your lead generation success. Once your ads are ready to go, be sure to take the extra time to thoroughly setup and complete your forms properly. Even become your on test dummy to make sure the process is simple and that each step makes sense to the user.

Remarket Your Content

There is something to be said about low-hanging fruit, and that’s no different in the world of lead generation ads. A great way to scoop up easy leads is by remarketing. You can really tap into the people who have already visited your site with just a few small adjustments. By adding the Facebook pixel you can build an audience of leads to remarket to until they are ready to convert. This tiny pixel in the template of your site creates an audience of people who have clicked on your site, or can be narrowed down to specific pages, so you can easily remarket your content to them. While it sounds too easy to be true, it isn’t. It is a simple adjustment that can bring you major results.

Make It Easy

If there is one thing we know about today’s tech generation it’s that the easier something is the better. So naturally, the same goes for advertising. Adding a call-to-action button is the best way to easily turn online traffic into real business with real clients. While the majority of web users surf via their smartphones, it’s important for them to be able to directly call your business, without having to reach for a pen and paper or open an new webpage. With a simple tap on their screen, they can go from webpage directly to online buying, and in turn online traffic into sales.

Keep It Simple

Overloading an online user with information and questions can be a major turn off for a potential customer. To avoid filling their screen with tedious forms and paragraphs of information to skim, aim to keep your content simple. Avoid lengthy wording in your pages, and opt for context cards to handle the specifics when they’re required. Also, try to avoid asking for unnecessary and useless information. As many people are hesitant to give out personal information via the internet, try to keep the required information on a “must have” basis, to avoid people hesitantly skipping out half through. Taking a look at what you are giving in return for their information to make sure you have created a fair balance can go a long way.

With just a few tiny tweaks to your advertising approach, you easily turn your regular marketing into lead-gathering magic. If you have any questions about formatting your advertising for lead generation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 705-252 -4180. We are always happy to help you tailor your marketing to turn your traffic into real, tangible results.

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