Business Blunders: 5 Major Marketing Tactics To Stop In 2017

For any business, whether new or old, enhancing your marketing approach can be a bit of a confusing venture. With so many options and platforms to utilize, it can be difficult to know what will work and what won’t. Unfortunately, many of the major marketing tactics businesses are investing in turn out to be money-costing blunders much of the time because of sloppy execution. Let’s take a look at some common marketing mistakes you should dodge in 2017. Blindly Believing Sales People While it’s not uncommon for businesses to be approached by marketing and advertising companies with the offer of assisting in their exposure, it doesn’t always mean that these people are going to beneficial assets to your company. Much like any type of sales, a fancy presentation and some smooth talking can go a long way, so always be leery of who you’re signing on with and what you’re signing up for. It’s not unusual for a salesperson to ghost after you’ve signed on the bottom line, leaving you to deal with whoever has the time to talk to you within their company. Always look into the background and validity of anyone who is asking to take over the marketing of your business to ensure that they are not only capable of what they are promising, but that they are also legitimate and credible with a foundation of results and successes.

Investing In Sales Before Yourself

Starting a new business is exciting and can make you want to skip ahead and start hiring a sales team of your own. But before you type up your job posting, start with creating a solid foundation in your marketing and advertising to make the job of your sales team efficient and productive. To begin with, get a strong sense of the brand and demographic your business is most geared towards. Are you looking to attract locals or a broader market? Are you hoping to utilize e-commerce tactics to capture more revenue? These are all things you should consider from the get-go. Secondly, you should have a plan of attack when it comes to marketing, instead of trying a little of this and a little of that because you’re afraid to commit to one strategy. It’s always good to have an idea of what you’d like to see as a result as well as where you would like to see your ads and marketing distributed. Would you like your business to be blogging to establish your expertise online? Is your industry right for social media and networking platforms? Take some time to explore all the options of where you’d like your marketing to head before launching onto a new platform without knowing how it compares to the others. By having a clear understanding of what you’d like to see happen with your marketing dollars, your sales team will have a base camp to work from, allowing them to showcase your business with a stronger identity and presence, and a professional image which you’ve outlined ahead of time for them.

Spending Without Measuring

Pouring money into marketing without monitoring results is about as useful as a paper umbrella. Before you put all your eggs in one basket, give your marketing a little trial and error testing to get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t work and the only way to know what works is to measure the return. Try different approaches and styles and see which garner the best results as you will find that one message might work in one tactic but not in another. The key is to monitor results closely and track them against the other tactics you are using to spot the differences. With things such a Google AdWords, for example, you can view a comprehensive report on each advertisement, allowing you to spend more money on what works, and waste less on what doesn’t. With each new approach, you should be checking in weekly to see how it’s progressing in its success, and though we don’t recommend trying a shotgun approach; when you do narrow your sights on the right platforms to use, your testing and measuring of results in terms of imagery, wording, headlines and hooks will be much more useful to driving your revenues.

Trying To Reach Too Many Markets With One Budget

While it’s essential to get the maximum reach and return on your marketing investment, it’s important to understand that quantity doesn’t always equal quality. To ensure top results, try to put more focus into your marketing and aim it towards a more specific demographic with a specific budget. The less diluted your approach is, the more effective it will be and don’t forget you can divide your overall budget into many funnels with their own goals to achieve. Generic advertising can’t reach all markets at once and makes it tough to see the results these types of ads garner.

Sitting Back And Waiting

Like the old expression goes, strike while the iron is hot! If your marketing has been created and launched, it’s important not to lose focus. Simply putting a marketing plan into action doesn’t mean instant results, it is simply a starting point. Be sure to keep a constant eye on your results, stay up to date with changes, improvements, and engagement, and always keep it fresh. The key to successful marketing is staying consistent and relevant. So putting your feet up and expecting results from nothing, is not an option - Consider your marketing plan a take-off point and grow and change your flight plan as your business builds.

Falling victim to the hear-say trends of marketing can be an easy hole to fall into. With tons of poorly tested ideas, new shiny apps every day, and false advice floating around online, it’s hard to differentiate which are solid approaches to marketing and which will fall flat. If you have any questions about adding, improving or altering the marketing plan for your business, feel free to give us a call at 705-252-4180. We are always here to help you better understand your marketing tactics and options to bring results-driven ideas to the marketing plan that will truly fuel your revenue streams.

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