Keep It Sweet: 3 Easy Way To Maximize Your Business By Leveraging Valentine’s Day

With Christmas finished and the new year on its way, it’s only traditional that the next holiday sweeping across the nation is Valentine’s Day. While many choose not to acknowledge this love-filled day as a real holiday, it is a great opportunity to boost your revenues for the month of February. Making small changes to your website and brand page to make it more Valentine’s Day-friendly can not only increase your reach, but can also give your business a big rise in sales. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can modify your marketing to appeal to February’s love birds to get your revenues singing.

Everybody Wants To Feel Loved

The thing about Valentine’s Day is that while it mainly caters to happy couples and love-struck duos, the truth of the matter is that everybody, young or old, wants to feel loved. Whether it be from a friend, their family or even a local business, some acknowledgement and appreciation can really go a long way. This is especially true during the time of year when the idea of happy couples is everywhere we look and single or taken you’re still likely to make a purchase. An easy way to incorporate this theme into your February marketing is to simply spread some love with your content. Send out an email to your client list, simply reminding them of how much you love having them on board with your business. Furthermore, you can use your social media platforms for the same kind of customer appreciation or even some light hearted laughs about love. If your business caters more to those that might be single, offer your single customers a little something special that they can give themselves as a #HappyValentinesDayToMe gift. Remember, everybody, especially around Valentine’s Day wants to feel recognized and special.

Add A Romantic Touch

Much like at any major holiday, adjusting the look of your website, flyers, emails and brand pages can go a long way. For February, adding some Valentine’s Day inspired colours and themes can really help promote your page, while also giving it a fresh new look for this frosty month. Try using the classic reds and pinks in your colour schemes and adding some traditional hearts and cherubs to your logo. As cheesy as it may seem, these kind of small changes not only show a festive spirit, but also are eye-catching to online users. While those users are not necessarily looking to your website or brand page for their Valentine’s gift ideas, it’s always a good idea to let them know you have some love-inspired suggestions up your sleeve.

Take The Guess Work Out Of Gifts

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day was mostly designed for the ladies however, you don’t want to leave out the gentlemen. While we typically are happy with teddy bears and chocolates, not everyone goes that route for gifts. Often couples are searching for more unique gift ideas, but can get overwhelmed in the masses of websites and pages. Try introducing an easy gift guide to help users navigate easily through your products. This guide could include gift packages, gender or price specific gift baskets, gift wrapping and even the added touch of personalized notes or cards. These types of love-oriented features in your product lists not only make online shopping easier for customers, it can also inadvertently motivate them to purchase more than one product at a time and hello upsell.

There are so many holidays throughout the year which you can use to your marketing advantage, and Valentine’s Day is definitely one of them. With just some simple modifications and adjustments, your website and brand page can spread the love and bring in business. If you have any questions or are looking for ideas on how you can revamp your marketing for the love-filled month of February, don’t hesitate to contact us at 705-252-4180. Our marketing strategists are always happy to help your business succeed and thrive, and sometimes all it takes is giving your monthly marketing strategy a little TLC.

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