5 Trade Secrets For Google AdWords

While it’s no secret that Google Adwords holds the top spot in online advertising strategies, there are many features you can use in your advertising campaigns that are likely not being used to their full potential. Plenty of tiny tips and tricks, which most don’t even know about, can help you to optimize your paid search ads to maximize your online traffic and return on investment with little to no changes made to your actual ads. Let’s take a look at some of the features you should be using in your Google Adwords. If you aren’t using them already, you will be shortly!

Ad Extensions

Basically, an ad extension is exactly what it sounds like. It is an additional feature that allows your ad to showcase more information. This can include a map of locations, product images, prices and even call to action buttons. The purpose of ad extensions is to offer as much additional information about your business as possible once your ad has caught a potential customer’s eye. Since every online searcher wants the convenience of having all the necessary information displayed immediately at their fingertips, the actual click-through-rate from your ad to your website can increase by an average of 30% with the use of ad extensions simply by giving the viewer a more direct connection to exactly what it is they are searching for.

Search Term Reports

While it’s no secret that monitoring your keywords can be beneficial to your website traffic, there is actually a little more you can do to ensure the best possible reach. That’s where search term reports come into play. Essentially, a search term report is a detailed run-down of which specific search terms are bringing in traffic from your ad. While a keyword is somewhat of a basic form of content that emphasizes the relevance of your ads in relation to your website, a search term is much more specific and refined as it is the actual word that was typed into the search engine which prompted your ad to appear to the user. For example, a keyword might be something like “skinny jeans”, whereas a search term would be “True Religion skinny jeans”. Obviously a search term is more specific and less of a generic query, which can bring forth a whole different category of results for your business with sniper focus instead of a shotgun approach.

Perfect Timing

Much like you’d pick a specific demographic to aim your ad towards, you can also pick a prime time slot to serve your ad to the online world. Unless you’re working on a global scale and have varying time zones to cover, you most likely don’t need your ads being served 24 hours a day. So, in order to avoid them hitting the online market during a time when activity is low, you can actually block out specific time frames, allowing your ads to be sent out at peak times. In turn, this can give you an increase in reach to your potential online clientele when they are most likely to be looking for you, your product and your services.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

In layman’s terms, a dynamic keyword is basically a modified version of your ad’s content, providing users with more relevant ad text while still using a single generic ad. Essentially, dynamic keyword insertion allows your ads to automatically alter the specific terminology in the ad to match a user’s search query. For example, if someone was searching “purses”, it would link them to content with the words “purses”. However, with dynamic keyword insertion, a search of “leather purses” would bring a user to the same purse ad, only with the specific searched wording leather purses subbed into the ad content. This type of customized match to a search term allows for a more distinct correlation between what is being searched and what is being found, garnering your business a top spot in search results.

Rich Snippets

A snippet is a small piece of text that is taken from your website and put underneath a correlating ad. The idea behind snippets is that they will add extra keywords and search terms to help bring in more traffic from online users. To give this approach even more of a boost, you need to start with the best possible website content as the snippet is actually pulled automatically from your website. Improving your website content, will in turn improve your snippets. The richer the content on your website is, the richer your snippets are going to be. Not to mention, rich snippets have also shown to be more successful in turning an online user into a customer by taking them right from your ad content to the useful information on your website about your products or services. This essentially sells them on the product or service before they even get to your business to buy it. This approach is more successful than other strategies like keyword stuffing, which can draw potential buyers into an area of your website which is of little to no actual value to the user. For example you might have your homepage loaded with all the keywords that relate to all of your products and services, however when this tactic is used it confuses the viewer as to why they landed there in the first place, because they were only looking for further information on the one keyword, and aren’t looking for a generic overview.

Creating an advertisement is only the first step towards its success, as it takes many factors to turn that online traffic into actual business, sales or buyers. If you have any questions about how to optimize your Google Adwords campaigns to generate real ROI or would like to know how to optimize your website’s advertising overall for greater results, feel free to give us a call at 705-252-4180. We are always happy to help you better understand how your advertising platform of choice works, as well as how to make your advertising investment make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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