Busted! - 5 Marketing Myths You Need To Stop Believing

1. “Inbound Marketing Is An Internet Fad”

While there have been many online trends and fads that burned bright and short, inbound marketing, such as social media and search engine optimization are not included. In fact, the concept of inbound marketing is still in its early growth stage and has far more ahead of it than it does behind. On average, 75% of marketers across the globe make inbound marketing a priority. With the constant expansion of new websites, apps and platforms, the idea of inbound marketing is only getting bigger and better. For example, Instagram is only a mere 6 years old, and it has expanded and surpassed all stereotypes that the photo-sharing platform was a quick fad. Instagram is now home to over 500 million active users, including both businesses and buyers and continues to cultivate new ideas into its use.

2. “Digital Marketing Is A Cost, Not a Revenue Maker”

This myth is the most ironic because the truth is actually quite the opposite. While digital marketing may have a cost, the revenue it generates far surpasses it. This is mostly due to the fact that digital marketing has an infinite shelf life for its success and results. Typically, digital marketing has a higher return on investments over a longer period of time. To be more specific, businesses are 3 times more likely to see ROI with digital marketing than with outbound. So while the age-old idea of “you have to spend money to make money” remains, the cost of digital marketing is a small price to pay for the return.

3. “Having a Website Is Good Enough”

This statement could not be more wrong. Too often, small businesses get the mentality that “if you build it, they will come”, however, in today’s high powered and fast paced tech world, that is not the case. In fact, the majority of web surfers search brands and businesses on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook before even looking at a website. The truth is, with the smart phone came the lazy looker, so the more available your business is to online users, the more success you’re going to see. Whether it be social media, blogging, etc., the utilization not only ups your search engine placement, but it also keeps your customers interested. While your website should be full of meaty, interesting information, additional pages such as blogs and social media accounts can help those search engine spiders make you a top search result.

4. “Social Media Isn’t Intended For My Industry”

It’s sad to say, but this myth is more common than you’d think. Perhaps the saddest part being, that it’s based on sheer unfamiliarity. As many active members of any social media platform can vouch for, businesses of all types and sizes can be successful. In fact, a recent study found that 97% of online buyers use online media when searching for a business. Whether it be a clothing brand, a restaurant or even an auto mechanic, social media can garner more exposure, more buyers and in turn, more business. With nearly 2 billion people on social media worldwide, not optimizing these platforms seems like a step in the wrong direction.

5. “Inbound Marketing Is Only For Big Businesses”

The idea of taking your business into the tech world can be a big step, however in today’s market, it is almost a requirement. Word of mouth and outbound marketing are no longer sufficient to take on competitors. However, many small businesses feel intimidated and believe that inbound marketing is only for major companies. Wrong! The concept behind inbound marketing is to optimize what you have to offer and promote growth. The best part about inbound marketing is that there is no minimum requirement to get on-board. No matter the size of your business, you can start up free accounts and jump into the competition with swords drawn. The reason behind this is because inbound marketing platforms and approaches aim for growth and expansion, something a business of any size can use. No matter how big or small a business may be, growth and expansion are always welcomed, and with inbound marketing, are now much more easily attained.

As the internet grows, it is hard to decipher what information is genuine and what is hearsay. When it comes to marketing your business, you should always do your research and ensure the information is coming from a creditable source. All too often businesses hear these marketing myths and miss out on huge opportunities for growth and success. If you have any questions about what marketing strategies are right for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We our always happy to help you better understand the facts, the fiction and the formulas that will make your business a success.

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