Merry Marketing! 3 Ways Market Your Business At Christmas

The Christmas holidays are such a magical, joyful time of year, not to mention busy! There are shopping malls packed with people, online sites flooded with shoppers and people everywhere searching for the perfect gift. This also makes it the perfect time for you to do a little marketing adjustment to make the most of the holiday shopping season. With a few tiny tweaks to your marketing, you can really use the holiday season to your advantage and tap into some extra sales. Let’s take a look at how you can make some minor changes to embrace the Yuletide benefits for your business. Join The Masses - Show Some Spirit!

There is probably no other time of year that gets people as excited as Christmas does. From the lights to the music to gift giving, the holiday season gets everyone extra excited and feeling festive. So, what better time to join the masses and add some spirit to your business? Giving your marketing strategies a little bit of a festive makeover can go a long way. For example, adding holiday themes to your website and Facebook brand pages can not only be a nice update, but also shows your customers you’re joining in the festive fun. This type of seasonal adjustment can also act as a subliminal message to holiday shoppers perusing online. Studies show that business sites with a holiday makeover tend to increase their marketing results as the Christmas spirit evokes a stronger response from users visiting the site. Try adding some holiday banners, backgrounds, themes and characters to your website and brand pages to give it a festive new look. Make It A Little Easier For Everyone

While Christmas time is always an exciting and joyful holiday, it can be a massive stress on holiday shoppers. Whether it be from a time constraint, a busy schedule or a financial standpoint, people want anything that will make their holiday shopping a little easy. This is where you come in! Bundling products and services together to make holiday gift baskets or gift sets is a fantastic way to not only give shoppers an easy way to select a gift, but also ensures they are purchasing more than one product. Another easy way to help shoppers with their list is to promote specific gift ideas or stocking stuffers on your website or brand page. While this immensely helps those feeling overwhelmed by holiday shopping, it can also help you sell more. For example, think of the small products you're promoting as “gift ideas”, “last minute gift ideas” or “stocking stuffers” as impulse buys. Much like the magazines and candy bars near a store’s checkout counter, promoting these smaller items as “add-ons” is a great way to fill those shopping bags with a little extra merchandise. If you want to take this strategy even one step further, you can alter your website with a gift guide. Basically, a gift guide is a simple page that outlines great gift ideas for different demographics, offered by your business. For example, having a “Gifts For Her/Him” page or a “Gifts Under $100” is an amazing way to help your online traffic find a gift, without being overwhelmed by the impending holiday. Show Some Gratitude

There is something about December that makes everyone sentimental. Whether it be the Christmas holidays or the year coming to an end, people are always looking to give their thanks and love and enjoy receiving it just as much. This would be a phenomenal time to add a personal touch to your business’s marketing and to give back to your customers. It can even be with something as simple as a thank you message posted on social media, your brand page or your website. Reaching out to your customers and thanking them for their business reaches their hearts more than you’d think and can have a hugely positive impact on your business.

Secondly, you can send you an email or card. While it’s near impossible to find all the home addresses of customers who have visited your business, a simple email or e-card can mean a lot. While so many more people are online shopping and using their personal emails around this time, sending a little thank you note can really show your customer appreciation.

Christmas is always such a festive season, and small adjustments to your marketing can truly show your holiday spirit and increase your sales. If you have any questions about how you could tailor your marketing for the Christmas season, don’t hesitate to give us a call. At 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions we are always here to help you make the most of your business with maximum results on your bottom line.

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