Facebook Ads: What Am I Trying To Say?

So, you’re looking to advertise with Facebook, but you’re not quite sure what type of ad would be best suited for your business. Well, before you begin to explore video, carousel and single image ads, you need to decide on what message you’re trying to convey with your ad. Take a look at your end goal, and ask yourself what your target market is, the message you’d like to forward and what kind of specific results you’re looking to gain from your advertisement. Let’s explore the different types of objectives and how they affect different markets and outcomes.


Awareness ads are used to generate interest in a product or service and can be broken down into 3 subcategories; brand, local and reach. An awareness ad can be used for any range of things from charities to healthcare to even your local business. To begin with, brand awareness advertising is specifically designed to promote and showcase a distinct brand. These types of ads are designed to be eye-catching and memorable. Although they don’t offer much interaction or information, brand awareness ads are still a very powerful way to grab the attention of potential customers.

Next up is local awareness. This type of advertising is generally used more in a smaller market, and is designed to render more localized attention. For example, offering local-specific information allows for your business, products or services to gain the attention of those nearby, who are likely to inquire further. However, this type of advertising isn’t as necessary for businesses with online product ordering, as the proximity of the customer to the business isn’t a factor. The success of local awareness advertising comes from keywords that are based on your geographical location and specific geo-tagging buzzwords.

Lastly is reach awareness. The main goal for this form of advertising is to gain the maximum amount of coverage, reaching the most people possible. Your reach, or total number of different people exposed to your ad, is a main component of your advertising results, especially online. With websites like Facebook and Twitter, allowing your viewers to easily share and re-tweet your advertisement with a simple touch of their screen, this option can multiple your reach faster than you can say the word profits. Often advertisements or social media posts hoping to gain more reach offer information about the product, service or cause and encourage users to spread the word.


A huge key to success in the advertising world is the factor of consideration. As any marketing or advertising company will tell you, grabbing the attention is step one, but staying in the viewer’s mind is step two. You can post an ad about your business or service, but the key is to be remembered. It is likely that when your advertisement pops up on the screen of a potential customer, they might not be ready to give you a call or place an order at that exact moment. However, you’ll want your name and ad to stay fresh in their mind for when that time does come that they want to buy. Consideration ads are specifically designed to get people thinking about your business and to further inquire for more information. The key result of consideration ads is engagement. You don’t just want your ad to be noticed, you want it to generate more views, increase user traffic, and gain a following of potential clientele. A great way to add to your consideration advertisement is to inadvertently force online users to engage. Using tactics such as offering an app to be installed for your business, advertising an offer to be claimed or even by asking for the entry of an email address can play a huge role in keeping your potential clients hooked on the line. With the algorithm used for Facebook and Instagram homepages, a simple like, share or comment on your advertisement will also automatically link your further posts to a user’s timeline or explore page as they have shown interest in the original content.


The biggest part of advertising is converting that online engagement into actual business. Believe it or not, there is a specific ad category for that. Once you’ve established your brand or have built an online following, conversion ads are used to bring that traffic into your actual store, whether it be online or not. Creating a type of advertising that entices people to bring their business to you with actual orders and purchases is really the end goal for any entrepreneur or business owner. The key to conversion ads is to make them easy to use and direct. Features such as a call-to-action button, which allows for a mobile user to directly call your business without having to close the browser and dial, shows an immense impact on the success of a conversion ad if that tactic makes sense for your business, service or product. Always be sure to monitor your conversion analytics to gain a better idea of which aspects are working and which aren’t. Reason being? You cannot improve anything you do not first analyze.

The world of online advertising is endless, and the options for advertising your business can seem overwhelming and often perplexing. At 3SIXTY Marketing Solutions, we are committed to helping you better your business, while ensuring you have the understanding and the skill to advertise the way you’d like, to produce REAL RESULTS. If you have any questions about online advertising, or would like some help to get started or suggestions to improve your results, please feel free to give us a call at 705-252-4180.

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