What To Do When Your Facebook Page Has Lots of Likes, But Drives Little Results

In today’s online world, the concept of social media marketing has taken over the way we advertise and promote our businesses. From websites to apps, businesses are displaying their services and promoting their brands via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Snapchat. However, it takes more than just making a brand page & posting just anything to really see results. If you feel your efforts might outweigh your return, take a look at the quick list below for a little insight into what might be preventing your social channels from growing your business.

1 - You're Not Appearing In Searches

It is estimated that as of 2016, there are over 50 million small business pages on Facebook. Given this statistic, it's easy to see how so many can get lost in the shuffle. A big factor of being seen in such a huge crowd of online pages is to ensure your page is coming up when simply searched. The best way to make sure it’s seen is to add as much information and as many keywords as possible in your descriptions and profile summaries. Things such as location, geo-tagging, and general information in the “about” section of your page can do wonders to increase your chances of being seen in a search. Another huge factor, believe it or not, is whether or not your page has a profile picture and cover photo. Introducing these photos to your brand page can actually make it more likely to rank actively in search, not to mention adding branded images makes your page seem more legitimate and professional as the official brand page of your business.

2 - Make sure you're not restricting your audience

A common error businesses make with their social media pages especially with their Facebook page is inadvertently having restrictions set to limit the age or location of viewers who can or cannot view your page. If your page is not coming up in basic searches, you might want to double check that you don’t have an age or country restriction turned on in your account, accidentally blocking your brand page from being seen.

3 - Review, Rate, Reply

One of the main reasons for having a brand page on Facebook is to allow your customers to interact with not only you but other customers as well. Having plenty of likes on a page without any interaction, reviews or views in general from those followers can make the popularity of your page become redundant in Facebook's algorithm. One of the easiest ways to build a solid reputation is by having positive feedback and reviews publicly displayed on your page as well as posting engaging content to your page multiple times each day. Always enable the function of ratings and reviews, and always reply to anything posted in terms of comments and reviews, both negative and positive. This kind of interaction can really boost your rating as a business, but also can help bump you to the top of the list in comparison to your competitors.

If a negative review comes in, reply in a polite and professional manner to resolve any problem. Though dealing with conflict may be something you avoid like the plague, taking the time to respond and making an effort to resolve the issue showcases your top-notch customer service and integrity to any new customers scooping you out before making a purchase. Not to mention, replying swiftly can publicly clear-up any disputes or miscommunications as well as deter more "rants" from being posted, preventing the turn of feedback into a word-of-mouth negative firestorm.

4 - Be Involved

While a brand page doesn’t need your outfit of the day photo or an update on your dog’s surgery, keeping your page active is very important. Being involved with the constant updating of your page and its information can prove to be extremely helpful in building not only your business but your public position as a local expert. Posting updates on sales, service changes, answering frequently asked questions or even posting photos of hot new products can draw attention on your follower’s timelines, allowing more views from other online users and in turn can help to build an increase in sales.

5 - Be Consistent

The key to being involved and driving results from your brand page is to keep it consistent. Setting a specific time or day which you post an update can give followers a better chance of seeing your posts and can also become something they regularly look for. Keep the flow of quality, original content consistent and you're bound to reach more followers each day, increasing and holding top of mind awareness while you are at it.

If you’re looking to start a brand page, or need a little help with the one you’ve already created, give us a call at 705-252-4180! We are always here to answer any questions you might have and to help you build an online persona that can help your business grow while also increasing your bottom line.

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