Why Am I Not Seeing Results From My Google AdWords?

Like many small business owners today, spending money on Google AdWords advertising can prove to be an expensive approach, with little to no results unless you have someone behind the wheel who is well experienced in garnering results by using them. In a world where customers have more options than ever, and external costs are skyrocketing, potential clients hold more power in the market than the businesses themselves. Therefore, having a poorly functioning AdWords foundation can be damaging to a business. There is however, a silver lining. More often than not, the limited results seen from Google AdWords is actually a very solvable problem, fueled by tiny, correctable errors.

To begin with, let’s hit the basics. What exactly is Google AdWords?

Simply put, it is an advertising platform provided by Google for businesses wanting to display ads within the Google advertising network and on the Google search engine. It allows for a business to set a budget, and only pay when people actually click on the ads. Naturally, as it's run by Google, the advertising platform is largely based on the use of keywords. Sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong. The problem is that the business owners using it are slacking in their contribution, which is leading to poor advertising results and the blame game being aimed towards Google.

So the next question has to be, what are these businesses doing wrong?

Mistake #1: Not Logging In Often Enough

The main mistake business owners are making with their Google AdWords is the amount of time they are spending logging on to their own account. While the majority of businesses log in as little as once every quarter, it is suggested to log in at least once a week. This constant involvement allows you to keep a keen eye on what’s happening, put out any potential fires that arise, improve what seems to be floundering and test out new approaches to driving more leads to your website. A lack of involvement can also prevent you from optimizing your landing page potential.

Mistake #2: Bad Landing Pages

Now you’re probably wondering, what is landing page potential? Simply put, it is the maximization of any pages that are linked to from your ad. For example, changing the colours, headlines, button appearances, etc. can help you to A/B test what works best to get the response you want and also keeps your page interesting and fresh. The key with landing pages is to avoid sending all your traffic to the same page, and to create a unique landing page for each ad group.

Mistake #3: Dismissing The Mobile World

Don’t forget about the mobile users! Having poor mobile experience on your website can have a huge negative affect on your Google AdWords success. Luckily, the solution is quick, easy and virtually painless. The first thing you’ll want to do is make mobile preferred ads, also known as ads tailored directly to the mobile viewers. Secondly, enabling a call extension has proven to have tremendous results. For example, having a button on your ad that can directly dial your business from any smartphone will be used far more often that a listed phone number which has to be typed in, with a closed browser window. Makes sense right?

Mistake #4: Not Keeping Relevant

Keeping relevant is vital in all areas of the business world, but especially in your advertising. Making sure your webpage remains relevant to your keywords is such a basic concept, but often is over looked. The easiest way to ensure you’re getting the best results from your keywords is to regularly use new words. Test out different keywords and, as we mentioned earlier, logging in often should show a variation in results. This variation will show you which keywords keep you relevant in a search, and which don’t.

Number crunching aside, the most important factor in the success of your Google AdWords is you and your dedication to succeeding or the dedication of the right partner to help you succeed with this marketing tool. Small mistakes can easily be detected, learned from and solved if you are willing to go that extra inch for your business. If you have any questions about the success of your Google advertising or need a little extra help in marketing your business, please feel free to give us a call at 705-252-4180. We’re always here to you in any way we can to improve your marketing and online prosperity whenever possible.

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