Everyone Is Talking About Content Marketing... But What The HECK Is "Content Marketing"?

In the marketing world, there are many fancy terms that get tossed around like ROI, impressions, acquisition rate, social platforms and recently in the last year or two; the term "content marketing". Everyone says it's an important addition to your marketing strategy but what the HECK is it?

Content marketing is really just a decorative way of saying you create your own "content" and you use it in your marketing materials to promote and advertise your business. Whether you are writing a blog post, or a how-to article on how to use your product, or perhaps you've created a video demonstrating your product or have interviewed your customers for a testimonial. That's all content and the reason you create it is to showcase your products and expertise to attract more customers and sway them to buy from you, opposed to your competitors.

Why is content marketing being talked about?

Because content is King in the online world of course... Everyone knows that right? Or so you've likely heard. The reason why your content is King is because Google has made many changes in regards to how they rank websites to bring it's searching visitors to the most relevant information as quickly as possible. Google looks at various areas of your website in order to decide where you rank when terms relating to your business are searched for. Specifically Google is looking to see what the content on your website is about, if your website is mobile-friendly for those searching on a mobile device like their phone, if your content is original and being updated often, as well as if the content on your website is descriptive, defining in plain terms what that content is about. If you're not ranking well on search engines improving the items mentioned will help you gain more ground on the first page of Google.

What's the difference between content marketing & a content marketing strategy?

The terms content marketing and content marketing strategy are often confused with each other or assumed to mean the same thing, however, there is a difference. Content marketing is relating to the actual content you're creating. Like a brochure you would hold in your hands, your written blog, posted to your website is also a form of a physical marketing material, and there for content marketing.

A content marketing strategy, on the other hand, is the actual plan as to what kind of content you are going to create as well as what you are going to do with that content after you've created it. It's important to have a well-planned content marketing strategy when investing in the time, energy and cost of creating original content. Without the strategy, you have a nice piece of marketing, but you're missing the other pieces of the puzzle. If you would like to learn more or develop your own custom content marketing strategy, give us a call at 705-252-4180. We can help you not only create your content marketing but we can help you drive your content marketing strategy with REAL RESULTS & ROI.

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