Top 10 Tips To Get REAL RESULTS From Your Business Efforts On Social Media

Let's Start At The Beginning

There are 1.19 BILLION monthly active Facebook users, 1 BILLION monthly active YouTube users, more than 2.5 BILLION Google+ users monthly, 947 MILLION Twitter users monthly, 200 MILLION Instagram users, and 100 MILLION Pinterest users each month!

Numbers like these should be a great incentive for you to simply start an account to promote your business. It’s hard to argue against the fact that you will get more exposure and become more visible to your target audience when you create a social media page (or two) for your business.

The average person spends 17 minutes per hour (that’s 204 minutes in a 12 hour day!) on social media sites. This is a staggering amount of social media consumption. Once you get over the possible con's of your business being present in our “social media world,” you can tap into this great opportunity to become more accessible online to your customers and to promote your business on the hottest marketing platform EVER created... Social Media.

For an instant - I will stand on a soap box and say something that I'm sure you have heard before... "Social Media IS NOT going anywhere, It's time for you to admit it. It's time for you to embrace it. It's time for you to leverage it, to generate more sales & customers." Ok. Rant over - Let's get to the good stuff.

Tip # 1 - Showcase Your Brand

71% of business owners use social media for brand awareness.

That’s because it’s a great outlet for bombarding your clients and target audience with your brand in order to build a larger, more familiar reputation. You can show everyone how passionate and professional you are in your area of expertise; and as audiences become accustomed to seeing your consistent branding, they will begin to trust you.


If I am a HUGE fan of your brand, business or product - Of course I want to know about your sales so that I can take advantage of these deals. However, as a social consumer, I want more from you, than being bombarded by you trying to sell me stuff. Keep in mind that I'm already a HUGE fan - You've already sold me. Try posting content, articles, tips, tricks etc. that I also might find of interest. Social media is about creating conversation, therefore you need to create / find content that's interesting enough to talk about with my friends, in addition to telling me about your latest offers.

Tip # 3 - Listen To What People Say

Be observant. Be open-minded. Social listening is a process where you “listen” to your audience’s thoughts and insights through social media.

Like any “social” atmosphere, this kind of media is a two-way street. You can benefit from feedback coming your way: even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. We can’t always get positive thoughts and shining reviews, but it’s important that you take in the negative comments as well and learn how you can improve your business. Listening to the conversation, will also let you learn about the true wants of your customers to develop new products and services, they are ready to buy from you.

Tip # 4 - Generate Leads

After “listening,” you can begin to generate targeted leads. 77% of companies are generating leads through Facebook: The top social networking site, when it comes to the generation of hot leads. The reason for this popularity in strategy is really simple: generating targeted leads = more sales. You need to take the time to create specific audience groups to target and craft messaging specific to their needs. This takes a good amount of time, but can also generate solid ROI.

Tip # 5 - Attract More Customers

As we discussed, social media has a wide coverage. More importantly, it has the ability to influence people, convincing them that a certain product and / or service is worth buying. In 2013 alone, 52% of all marketers found more customers using Facebook - fast forward to 2015 - If Facebook isn't a part of your marketing in some form, you're not just missing the boat, you're 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Tip # 6 - Add A Personal Touch

Everybody is online now – regardless of age, interest, career choice or appetite. It’s worth noting all of the individuals out there. Each distinctive “group” has different wants and needs. Use social media to speak to your customers’ concerns individually. Now is also your chance to woo all kinds of clients with a personal touch. Make them feel special, not like they just received another boring direct mail piece.

Tip # 7 - Build Relationships With Potential Customers

People are getting more and more attached to social media every day, and these sites are not just used at home anymore. They’re used in offices, and even used as platforms to gather work-related information. With everyone using social media everywhere, at every time of the day, you can now build strong relationships with audiences on a corporate level as well as in a personally “social” forum.

Tip # 8 - Reinforce Good Behaviour And Loyalty With Rewards

Once you find, attract, and build a relationship with your online audience, you need to inspire them to continue their “loyal” behaviour. In other words, keep them “in love” with you. Offer your avid followers special promos and discounts. Make them feel that you truly appreciate what they’re doing for your business, and let them know that if they “keep up the good work” they will get rewards. Think about what your followers would find of value and give them a reason to follow you. This will also keep them coming back time and time again.

Tip # 9 - Rank Higher

The more active you are on your social media sites, the more “searchable” you become. Post often, and invest time in the content to post well. If your posts are tasty and enticing, your audience will share your content on their personal social media accounts – and your post may then be shared by their connections, and so on. This kind of “link-building” will earn you a higher ranking on search engines, making your business even more accessible online.

Tip # 10 - Minimize Cost Without Sacrificing Quality

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to promote your brand and start reaping the benefits. The majority of people now make decisions based on what they absorb from social media sites. Social media is a great way to generate interest and gather business at an extremely low cost especially when you have the right strategy plan in place. Social media CAN create great return on your investment, if you give it enough focus.

Social media has become one of the most reasonably priced and most powerful marketing tools in history. It’s part of doing business in the new millennium, even if your target market is a part of the baby boom era. In fact, you may be missing out on sales opportunities right now. If your business isn’t active on social networking sites - Today is the time to start if you haven't already. Give us a call at 705-252-4180 to setup a no-obligation, social media brainstorming session to get you started off on the right foot with a results driven approach.

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