Is It Time To Pull The Plug On Your Marketing Campaign?

When it comes to a marketing campaign, you need to be realistic in your expectations. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a common expression for a reason, and your business probably isn’t going to make history overnight either. Patience is a tremendous asset for you and your company, though you should definitely be looking for areas of measurement, key to discovering what's working and what's not.

As we constantly see content “go viral,” it seems like the path to success can be achieved with a single YouTube video, a clever post, and the power of social media. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Advertising in spurts and relying on “virality” will never garner consistent results for your business; and if you don’t go viral, or achieve fast results at the start of your campaign, the worst thing you can do is ditch the idea altogether.

Social media advertising platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few provide great analytical data for you to use – for free. If you don’t get immediate results, use the free-of-charge tools at your disposal to refine your plan of attack. As you learn from what was done right, and what was done wrong, you can hone your approach so that results steadily improve month after month. On the other hand, if you abandon all the effort you put into the campaign, you won’t see any results at all and could have given your hard earned dollar - The royal flush.

Sticking with your strategy and dedicating yourself to constant analysis and adaptation requires a lot of patience, with a sprinkling of faith – but it’s all about system improvement. If you constantly launch it, scrap it, and re-launch something brand new each time you have a knee-jerk reaction to what you perceive as failure - It’ll be impossible to develop an efficient system. Starting from scratch each time puts a halt to the consistency that pairs itself up with learning and success; not only within your company, but within the tools you are using as well.

Another benefit to result analysis is that you’ll get to know your customers more intimately, as opposed to realigning your relationship each time you start a new campaign. You’ll learn which tactics to remove, and which ones are worth more of an investment as you examine what works for your target audience as well as what doesn’t work. Most importantly, the longer you run a campaign, especially of the multi-level variety, the more people you will reach overall & potentially convert into customers.

The key to a great marketing campaign isn’t just a clever idea. Most of the success you’ll find in marketing is based on the refinement of strategy as you learn from your clients about what they like, don't like and what makes them buy. Take success and failure as equally valuable opportunities to gather knowledge about what makes customers buy into your product or service. Don’t spin your tires by reinventing the wheel every time - It's rare that the results are instant. Patience, persistence and your fantastic product will help you dig in and go further than anything else. No differently than when you launched your business - It takes time to find the right stepping stones along your path. Some are solid, some a little tippy and some hidden gems that can help your strike it rich - You just need a keen eye to find them.

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