Not Only Can You Promote Them - You Can Make Them Buyable Too!

You've heard that Pinterest should be an integral part of your marketing strategy for a number of reason but did you know that, once you get your Pinterest campaign underway, the value in Promoted Pins just keeps on rolling? Beyond the fact that you only pay when someone clicks through to your website from your Pin - Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest provides you with the analytics you need, to help you keep track of how your campaign is doing, and what changes you can make to constantly improve your strategy. Promoted Pins not only increase traffic to your website – the analysis included in the cost also provides you with the valuable information you need to drive more customers your way - every day.

While Promoted Pins will keep customers clicking through to your website, Buyable Pins let people buy your product without ever leaving the Pinterest app on their phone, tablet or computer. This is all distinguishable with a colour coding system. Besides the ever-present, red “Pin it” button, you can make a pin buyable, giving it a blue “Buy it” button – and “Blue means that you can buy that product then and there - online.”

When customers see a Pin with a blue price, they will know the product in the Pin is “Buyable.” They can even use the blue price filter to zero in on pins that fit their budget leading them to just the right Pin (i.e., product) for them. There’s a steady increase in the number of people who use this on their mobile devices, and Buyable Pins work so smoothly that they help close the sale at the moment someone has an impulse to make a purchase.

The best part is, Pinterest doesn’t even take a cut from your sales. You can handle shipping and customer service the way you always have. The only catch (more like a rule), is that Pinterest only works with merchants who “care about providing Pinners with the best possible experience.” This means that an aggressive, loud, or perceivably coarse Call to Action (CTA) is discouraged. Instead, great importance is placed on thoughtful editorials, a soft CTA (Call-To-Action) and nice looking aesthetics, so that Pinterest remains attractive and pleasant for Pinners. In fact, Pinterest has an extensive list of Advertising Standards to maintain the “look” that keeps Pinners coming back for more:

With the progression of the digital age, Pinterest is a visual phenomenon that will only increase in popularity. The platform is an excellent way to showcase your product/service, demonstrate your passion for what you do, and spread the content that engages new customers and drives them to your website. Pinterest marketing is effective for businesses both big and small, as you can scale your campaign to fit your needs & goals specifically. Make sure you stay tuned, to find out when Promoted Pins & Buyable Pins are available in Canada, because taking advantage of this platform will give your business a sure fire boost! As people repin your content and spread your links, the dream of “going viral” becomes an accessible reality with measureable results!

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