One of The Most Valuable Advertising Tools is Coming to Canada!

With Pinterest's Promoted Pins rolling out in the United States, we can expect them to arrive in Canada very shortly. Like other social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Instagram) Pinterest advertisements will have tremendous merit when it comes to strategizing your marketing campaign.

Casual users tend to create boards that reflect their interest, and simply repin material they find on Pinterest that they like & want to remember. However the critical function of Pinterest for your business is the ability to create your own pins. These can be items from your blog, areas of interest regarding your website or services, and even simple pictures of your product - If those products are sold online all the better! The bottom line is, it’s best to create your own pins so that when users – i.e., potential customers – click on your pin, it takes them to your website, which increases your traffic and in turn your sales. The best part is, if you make your pins interesting enough, casual users will repin your material and direct people to your website by spreading your link around for you. Never forget that your audience has an audience too.

Once Promoted Pins cross the border, you can start promoting your best pins in order for them to be seen by the right people - ie. your target market. For example, you’ll be able to pick & promote your top pins - the ones that received the most attention, or even just the ones that you want to put “out there” farther than the others. Similar to Twitter advertising you would sponsor those Pins so that they appear in the most relevant places, more often, to those that may or may not follow you already.

Promoted Pins are the same as regular Pins – only you pay to have them to be seen by more people. So far in the United States, Promoted Pins achieve engagement rates that are 2% to 5% higher than the industry average. The reason for these high engagement rates is that Promoted Pins take things a step further. Although they look like regular pins, they actually have additional capabilities built into them, so that you can show them to the right audience at the right time. In order to do this, you need to carefully choose relevant keywords when writing your posts within each Pin. Pinterest targeting lets you pinpoint the audience that will see your sponsored pins by location, language, gender – and even device.

With the progression of the digital age, Pinterest is a visual phenomenon that will only increase in popularity. The platform is an excellent way to showcase your product/service, demonstrate your passion for what you do, and spread the content that engages new customers and drives them to your website. Pinterest marketing is effective for businesses both big and small, as you can scale your campaign to fit your needs & goals specifically. Make sure you stay tuned, to find out when Promoted Pins & Buyable Pins are available in Canada, because taking advantage of this platform will give your business a sure fire boost! As people repin your content and spread your links, the dream of “going viral” becomes an accessible reality with measureable results!

To learn more about the new & exciting options that Pinterest will soon be unveiling in Canada click here.

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