Trim the Fat: Use the Right Tools to Find Your Customers

Today there are so many different platforms available for marketing your business, that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the feeling that you need to be all things to all people. Many feel as though they aren’t fulfilling their marketing potential unless they explore every shiny tool available to them. However being everywhere at once is not only impractical – it’s impossible.

While an eagerness to explore every single marketing avenue available to you these days is commendable, when you push yourself to “cover all the bases” there’s a good chance that you will end up wasting resources on a fancy assortment of marketing tools that aren’t necessarily producing any return on your investment. Similarly, trying to keep up with knowing how to use every marketing tool & implement them yourself, could be eating up much of your time without having any effect on your bottom line. Here are some suggestions we have for trimming the fat, using back-to-basics marketing strategies. These marketing concepts may not be fancy (or expensive), but they are proven to work, time and time again. Concentration. Instead of trying to win the business of wide, sweeping target audiences, it’s highly recommended that you concentrate on one specific niche at a time. Narrow your focus, and do everything you can to effectively appeal to that group of customers. Once you establish and win over your targeted audience, you will have invested in (and formulated) a strategy for domination that can be applied again and again throughout the course of your marketing future. Differentiation. It’s relatively cheap to take time out to reflect on how you can set your business apart from your competition. This will require some analysis, but when you look at the huge return on this relatively small investment of time, you’ll quickly discover that it’s well worth the effort. Researching what everyone else is doing makes it easier to determine what you’re doing differently, and helps you discover how you can emphasize the ways in which your company stands out compared to the rest. Education. It’s beneficial to focus on educating your customers about your business than to attemp to “wow” them with a fancy campaign. The days of the overly “salesy” pitch have come to an end. Now, there is a basic need for your marketing materials to be educational and provide value to your audience. Show your customers that you value them and keep them interested, by simply informing them about what it is you do, how you do it & help them expand their own knowledge along the way. Don’t be everywhere. With so many marketing tools and platforms available, you can feel pressure to develop a presence on every network. However this isn’t necessary or wise. It’s much more effective to pick two or three networks that your target customer is present on, and focus all of your energy on those. Don’t scramble to meet a specific quota on a dozen different networks. You can end up spreading yourself too thin, making zero connections in return for all your labour. Do a couple of things really well, and you will see a higher return on your investment, even if it mean investing in a key person to take care of your marketing with sniper focus. Analyze everything. No matter how focused, or simple, your marketing approaches may be, everything should be analyzed for effectiveness on a regular basis. Never stop fine-tuning your campaign. Every result garnered (whether positive or negative) from each marketing strategy is an opportunity to learn, improve, and maximize the return on your efforts. Effective marketing takes tenacity, dedication and skill. Take the time to stay “tuned in” to the bare bones of what you’re doing to market your company instead of wasting hard-earned money on trying to do everything at once, all on your own. Don’t stretch yourself and your resources over a surface area that is impossible to cover. Focus on a specific strategy for success and maximize the return for your efforts, every time.

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