The secret of SEO & blogging

If you want your business to been seen as an elite against your competition, the need for your business to produce accessible and original information must be recognized. Companies that stay current utilize blogs to make their products and services popular. With regular “blogging,” businesses reach out and grab hold of a huge target audience. This enormous crowd at your fingertips encompasses anyone who is privy to social media (which is basically everyone).

An interesting blog will provide your customer base with longer descriptions of your products or services, can include links to other networks, and can even boast testimonials. Make it fun, interesting and jam-pack it with unique and original information to feed to your hungry audience. Most importantly, you can be the hero of your own story, and a leader of thought. A blog is your direct channel of communication to your customers. You can control exactly what you want to say, and say it as often as you like. Let your brand’s personality resonate by taking people beyond the limitations of quick advertising. Research shows that 60% of businesses who blog, acquire more clientele, because blogging gives their business an approachable voice.

The ways in which blogging will impact your target audience are clear. However there is another perspective to the power of the blog. Let’s discuss the ways in which your own blog patterns will influence you. People will begin to look to you for consistency as they become hooked on your blogs. As a result, a blogging schedule will have to be maintained. This kind of maintenance keeps your marketing strategy constantly on your mind, because with each blog you inevitably plan the next relevant morsel of information you would like to provide your potential customers. Creating a schedule that unremittingly provides dedicated content will sharpen your business focus & brighten the path of where you would like your business to go as well. You’ll have to stay on top of news and trends in order to be successful with your blogging, which will keep you in the leaders seat as opposed to a “following” position. You’ll feel a responsibility to deliver fresh, relevant and interesting information to your followers, which means you will keep yourself ahead of the curve week after week.

Every time you publish a post, you create a long-term asset that builds brand awareness for your company, promoting your expertise, services and products. Also, every time you post a blog you provide your company with SEO benefits - YES those shiny pieces of golden content, help boost your search engine ranking! When your website is being ranked, search engines are looking for original, industry-relevant information. How do the search engines do it? This can get a little tricky to explain but basically, in an effort to cut down on spam, Google and search engines alike have narrowed the field by placing great importance on the creation of new, engaging content. Providing this kind of content with regularity has become a critical SEO strategy. If you want your company to rank high, your online presence must be relentless when it comes to giving people something to read, or producing content worthy of attention. Your customers aren’t the only ones taking note of what you say. Regardless of how creepy it sounds, search engines are becoming aware of your content as well.

With useful, informative blogging you can gather new clientele, or simply keep your existing customers hooked. This is a chance for you to tell your audience all the things you know about your field, and a chance to rank high in the search engines so that new customers can find you. The more you teach them, the more they will keep coming back for more. With your blogs, you will develop an interest in online audiences regarding your industry, and most importantly, you will position yourself as an enthusiastic expert. To gain the most return on your investment, keep your audience so full of your knowledge that they won’t have an appetite left to explore the competition.

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