Does Managing Your Own Social Media, Maximize Your Results?

It’s very common to think of marketing as a quick website and collateral. However with the ever-growing network of social media platforms, marketing must cover a lot of ground. Social media networking is crucial when it comes to generating electronic word of mouth (eWOM) and researching your target audience in detail. Shouldering this responsibility without experience or proper understanding of the terrain can be challenging, ineffective and even discouraging.

A few questions you will want to ask yourself when tackling the task of managing your own social media are: Do you have the time to operate your business as well as give your social media enough attention consistently? Do you have the expertise to analyse the analytics provided by Twitter, Facebook and other resources? Do you have the knowledge of marketing you need in order to use social media effectively as a marketing tool to drive sales? Before you answer these questions, let’s discuss the intricacies of social media management and then you can decide.

Managing your business’s social media involves much more than just posting a picture on Facebook and hoping to generate new customers or drive sales using the number of “likes” you receive as your measurement of success. If you want to capitalize on social networks that could significantly enlarge your client-base, this is just the “shortlist” of responsibilities most people don’t consider:

1. Listening.

This is an opportunity to read your customers’ accessible content, take part in their discussions and discover what they value most. There is a lot to learn about your target audience online. The time-consuming nature of this research-based task could essentially go on forever, overwhelming even the best multi-tasking superhuman.

2. Being available.

A lot of time must be spent acknowledging every person who reaches out to you online, just as you would acknowledge a face-to-face connection for your business. Zero response from you = zero interest from the potential customer who chose to contact you.

3. Being accessible.

It’s not effective to post content and then turn away to the next task. It’s imperative to publish consistently take part in the conversation that’s generated by your material. If you get busy running your business and disappear from your customers’ online community for a few weeks, you will be replaced without hesitation. Which could result in no sale being made, because the customer had a quick question before they made a purchase.

4. Reciprocating.

If you expect other people to share your content and spread the word about your company, you have to do the same for them. So, a chunk of your time spent on social media should also be dedicated to sharing/talking about content published by other people.

The above list is abbreviated, but highlights the key areas that need your full attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The redundant/obvious bullet points regarding posting and valuable content aren’t even included yet. Social media is an extremely successful agent for promotion, but it takes loads of time and patience. As a business owner, you probably don’t have enough time to devote yourself to every single task involved in a successful social media marketing campaign. Even if you could manage your social media perfectly, the task would only grow in size with your success. If you want to do everything thoroughly, there aren’t enough hours available in a day, for you to take care of your social networking and take proper care your existing customers. By managing your business’s social media yourself, you run the risk of losing money in an attempt to save money which in the long run isn't the best result of your efforts.

You have to keep in mind that although you might not be spending any money to manage your social media,your time is still worth money. If your hourly rate is $60.00 an hour and you spend just 1 hour per day working on your social media, that works out to a cost of $420.00 per week! The worst part about that is, if you're not well versed in social media, you may not have reached that many customers or had any impact on potential growth - even though you have invested your time and energy with the best of intentions.

The good news is that we employ the use of experts who are specifically there to dedicate the time and attention required for successful social media marketing. You can focus on your business, because for us, social networking on your behalf is what we do. There’s no need to take time away from your clients in order to tap into the vast online group of customers waiting for you.

As well as providing the constant maintenance that social media promotion demands, we know how to access and analyse the resulting data in order to keep your audience growing. Don’t stunt the potential success of your company with short-sighted investment philosophies, because the rewards that come with a true investment in social media marketing are monumental. We know exactly how to capitalize on this investment. Just like you have your area of expertise, marketing is what marketers do. Put your social media campaign into the hands of a results-driven expert today & reap the rewards sooner than you might think.

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