The Importance of the Call-To-Action

A strong Call-to-Action (also known as a CTA) lets your target audience know exactly what they need to do in order to buy your product or service right now. It can entice users to click on your online ad, or a link on your website or landing page, gathering new customers for your business. The most primitive example of a CTA is “Buy Now!” However, the more information you can provide in your CTA, the better it will be for your target audience and your company. It’s important to remember that targeted Calls-to-Actions convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs.

Having a clear and direct Call-to-Action, ensures that your customers will know what to expect when they click on your ad. It also helps to redirect users outside of your target audience, maximizing your advertising budget & keeping your campaign focused. A well-phrased CTA will illicit the highest response rate from your customers if you use a clear, strong command (usually a verb) spearheading a good CTA telling your audience exactly what you want them to do, and will inspire enthusiasm for your service or product. CTA’s can also include a Unique Selling Point (USP), further convincing your audience to take the desired action. For example “call now to schedule a free quote” states an action (call now) as well as a specific reason as to why the user should take that action (get your free quote). Strength and clarity is the name of the game. It’s much better to trigger a quick response from a client instead of giving them time/room to interpret and lolly-gag.

For all of you acronym lovers out there, the FOMO cannot go unmentioned either. That is "Fear-Of-Missing-Out" - Another beneficial tactic for directing people to your business, commonly embedded into CTAs. For example, “Buy now! Sale ends Sunday,” puts a time limit on the benefits a customer will receive, making them anxious to take advantage of the offer. There’s nothing like a little fear to make someone quick on their feet, and the prospect of “missing out” is sure to inspire a few more clicks. Rest assured, we're not saying "use fear to control your customers", we're just suggesting that if you drop a little spider beside them, you'll gain more of a reaction.

The CTA is a fantastic tool when it comes to directing focus to your business, and providing customers (potential or otherwise) with a clear path to a benefit. With a strong CTA, your marketing aim can be clearly outlined and promptly met without your customer having to do any guess work. For example instead of searching for a contact form, they can simply click a button that says “Schedule your free consultation now.” The goal as with any marketing campaign is to improve traffic for your business, and to make life easier for your customer to gain access to your services and products.

Action is the most important step towards decision. Let us help you create a great marketing strategy that allows the time and space for a solid Call-to-Action. Give your customers reason to realize the need for your products & services.

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