Why is email marketing so effective?

Search and email are the top two Internet activities of all time. There are more than 3.2 billion email accounts active today, and 91% of those 3.2 billion users check their email daily. This means that 2,912,000,000 people check their email every day; and your customers, both current and potential, are included in that group.

Email is a fast, convenient and effective way to deliver messages to your clients: but only if they have given you permission to send them information. In fact, 77% of customers prefer to receive permission-based marketing messages through email: The most important take away of this statement being - Make sure that you give your client-base lots of opportunities to “opt-in.”

Once you gather permission, keep your customer database clean and current. Weed out the emails that bounce back and remove duplicate addresses. This will allow you to make a targeted reach & gives you more accurate details in reporting tools. If you're organized enough in keeping track of the products and services each of your clients has purchased in the past, you can send emails to specific recipient groups based on zip code, gender or income as well as what product they have bought before and might be interested in again. Create target audiences within your target audience, channeling the information you want to share to the ones who need it most. For example If you have a client that has bought power tools from you before they might also be interested in your annual lumber sale.

Another benefit of email marketing, is that it allows you to precisely measure your campaign’s success by noting how many people opened the email you sent, what they clicked on and if they opened your email more than once. Take advantage of this ability to access the information you need to constantly improve your strategic approach & messaging every time.

Aside from being a wonderful strategy tool, email marketing is proven to pay off. According to the Direct Marketing Association, for every 1$ spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. That is a 4,300% return! To cash in on this potentially huge ROI, you need to use email properly. A carpenter can’t drive home a nail if he/she doesn’t know how to use a hammer. The same is true for email marketing.

Make sure that you’re giving your audience valuable information in exchange for their time. Include some perks to thank them for reading, such as a coupon or promotional code, which will double as a tool to get your clients talking about your business or service. You also MUST be sure you write an effective subject line so your email gets opened. Have a distinct and concise voice while being careful not to be too wordy. You want your message to be read quickly, and thoroughly.

Finally, include interesting, quality content that your target audience wants to share with others - besides the fact that you have a sale going on. This can create inspired referrals and contribute to your ever-growing database.

Email marketing saves time (not to mention trees) and can give you a serious return on your investment. Ask us about our innovative email campaign ideas that will keep you connected to your customers and miles ahead of the competition.

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