Little Lenny & Old Charlie's Potatoes

Little Lenny and his mother live in a little town on the outskirts of Summerside in PEI, and each week little Lenny's mother gives him 5 cents to take down the road to the market to buy them a sack of potatoes. With a skip in his step each week, he sets off down the way with those 5 cents in his hot little hand to fetch his mother a sack of potatoes. On his way he passes the butcher, the barber, Old Charlie's Potato Stand and Miss Lindsay's fruit stand before reaching the corner market to buy his sack of the potatoes. Each week Little Lenny; being the friendly child he is, brightly says good day to each person he passes along the way including Old Charlie & each week Old Charlie asks little Lenny "Why don't you buy your potatoes at my stand Lenny? They're a cent cheaper than at the corner market & they're the best potatoes you'll ever taste!" and each week Little Lenny replies "No thank you. We always buy our potatoes from the corner market. THEY are truly the best!" and he carries on his way.

Week after week, Old Charlie gets more and more frustrated that Little Lenny and others in town aren't interest in buying his potatoes. But, one week in particular he decided to sit down with his wife & see if between the two of them, they could come up with an idea that would make everyone in town, including little Lenny want to buy their potatoes. After a few hours of pondering, the idea finally struck! Its BRILLIANT old Charlie said to his wife, and they got to work.

They took half of all the sacks of potatoes that they had on their stand & took all of the potatoes out of the sacks. Then they took all of the empty sacks and soaked them in a big vat of beet juice. After all the sacks had dried on a bed of hay; they loaded all the potatoes back in the bags and put them back on the stand with a NEW sign. The NEW sign read "Exclusive Red PEI Potatoes - 6 Cents Per Bag" and then they waited for their day to start. By mid-afternoon they were astonished! Their NEW Exclusive Red PEI Potatoes had SOLD OUT completely & the whole town was raving about them. Everywhere you went, you heard a chatter about how amazing Exclusive Red PEI Potatoes were.

If you want to learn how to sell Exclusive Red PEI Potatoes like Old Charlie...

Give us a call at 705-252-4180.

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