Is Google Plus The New Facebook?

The latest trend that we are seeing in social media is that as Facebook's audience is shrinking Google Plus seems to be growing an engaging audience. Don't get me wrong Facebook still has an audience but with the constant changes to brand pages, user profiles, timeline changes, cover photo size changes and new ads everywhere you look - Its evolution might not be a positive one for their bottom line.

When Facebook started up, it was new, it was SHINY and many were addicted instantly; Sharing photos, direct messaging friends, creating events, posting about the latest gossip & news. When Google Plus launched it was late out of the gate and old news before it even got started. "Why would I use Google Plus when I already have Facebook? They're practically the same thing and no one uses Google Plus..." was often what we heard on the street.

What's changed you ask? Why are people shifting in the social media space if Facebook does everything that Google Plus does?

1. It's JUST like Facebook but it's getting better.

You can share photos, post updates, get your news, get your celebrity gossip and great articles about almost anything PLUS Google is starting to merge all of their services into one - Giving you one login for everything you want to do online. Login once and you can socialize, post reviews of restaurants & other businesses, get driving directions to your weekend destination, check in at your favourite places, "Google" the things you need to know about, post, search & watch videos, comment on virtually anything you read & share it with your friends, bookmark the sites you want to go back to later, check your email, make appointments in your calendar, store files on the cloud & update your business page while you're at it. Google is a leader in the digital space and though they might have been a little behind Facebook, it might have been strategic to learn what people wanted most in a social network.

The Lesson: Listen to your audience, and then give them what they want.

2. Google Plus doesn't have ads.

Facebook's biggest down fall and growth option was taking on share holders. As soon as you have share holders, you have funding AND the responsibility of providing a profit for those share holders. Google has share holders too, but not to fuel JUST their social network. They have Google Adwords - Giving them any funding they could possibly need while giving consumers the comfort of knowing, they will have a space to socialize in without being pestered by the annoying sales guy in the group; Constantly selling them something. We've all been cornered by THAT guy at an event or party & I assure you NO ONE enjoys that conversation.

The Lesson: Every opportunity has a sacrifice... Is it worth it?

3. Google has a future - Facebook has.... A college degree?

Granted there are many strong, knowledgeable and entrepreneurial contributors and advisors behind Facebook, but let's "face" it.... Google is a dinosaur in the digital realm. It's evolved and grown through binary code, Y2K, the social revolution and it will continue to evolve. Facebook was new, innovative, revolutionary BUT the real question is where is it headed? There's been many ideas mentioned in press releases but how many of those ideas have come to fruition?

The Lesson: Plan each day, while also planning a year in advance simultaneously to survive.

Our Question to You:

What do you use & why - Facebook or Google Plus?

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