The High School Effect of Social Media in Business

You’ve heard all the hype about likes & followers, as though social media marketing is a high school popularity contest but is popularity really what you’re going for? Think back to high school… And take a look at the true value of what being a “cool kid” in school was. Other people liked the “cool kids”, they wanted to dress like them, talk like them, go to the same parties as them. Which is great – If you were a cool kid… People talked about you. Which I think is why businesses have that “cool kid” mentality about their social media marketing. They figure if they have more Facebook likes than their competition, that must mean they will get more business… If they have more followers on Twitter, that must mean they will get more business… If they are on more social media networks than their competition, you guessed it. That must mean they will get more business… RIGHT?

Well that’s where businesses get it all wrong. Marketing in a sense is about creating popularity. But not “cool kid” popularity… It’s about REAL, WOW I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICES popularity. No it won’t get people talking about you or your business but if you do it right they WILL be talking about your product! So that you can sell more than the other guy.

Your product by the way, isn’t just something that sits on the shelves. It’s everything you give to your customer; From a delicious smoothie to the friendly person who sold it. You’ve heard the old saying “If a customer is happy they will tell 2 people. If a customer is unhappy they will tell 20 people.”

The 2 main objectives of your social media marketing should be…

1. To generate more happy customers that tell 2 people.

2. Listen for unhappy customers and make it right in front of all the people who they might have told they were unhappy.

When you do those two things right. You’ll find that you will see the results at the cash register. You’ll also find that you will have more people talking about your amazing products / services… Without having to pay them for helping you spread the word like the best gossip at the lunch table.

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