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“How do I get more followers on my Facebook Page?” This is the burning question every business seems to have these days. You’ve started a brand page for your business, you’ve started posting content to it, but you want to grow the number of followers as much as possible! There are many ways to grow your following on Facebook which start with spreading the word. Simply start by adding “Follow Us on Facebook” to all your marketing materials. Keeping in mind that your followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks are your biggest cheerleaders. These are the people that tell all their friends how much they love you & how great your products and services are, so it’s a good idea to give them some reason to stick around. Whether it be by giving them exclusive information, making them the first to know the inside scoop with your business or the first to know about special offers or discounts. This makes them feel like a valued part of your business. When spreading the word about your business being on Facebook, make sure you add a link to your website as well as adding “follow us on Facebook” to any posters, rack cards, hand-outs and more. Many businesses even add it to their business card. You don’t want to go too crazy but this is the first thing you can do to help your Facebook page grow. The true beauty of social media is that it is essentially word of mouth advertising but it never hurts to sweeten the pot, when it comes to gathering the villagers. You could host a contest on your Facebook page, something along the lines of “Like Our Facebook Page to Win” or something a little more creative like “Caption This Photo For Your Chance To Win!” The prize to your contest is the key to drawing attention to your brand and gaining a substantial following however keep in mind that Facebook does have some rules and regulations as to what kind of promotions you can host on your contest page. Click Here for more details on what Facebook allows & Tune in next month for more tips on social media.

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