From 13 Followers to Nearly 1,500

When Marble Slab Creamery in Barrie came to us looking for ideas on how to increase their following on Twitter, we did what we always do. We rounded up our creative team, a few writers, producers, our programming team, on-air personalities, and more to brainstorm a few ideas, that could create a solid integrated marketing solution to really get results for Marble Slab Creamery. The solution we came up with was a great promotion called “Retweet it to Win”. It was simple really, which most great promotions are and we used our proven strategy of on-air, online, on-site marketing to execute it. We used 30 second branding commercials, interactive ads our high traffic websites, posts our social media channels of our announcers at Marble Slab taste testing ice cream & we made sure our on-air personalities we’re talking about it in their breaks between songs too. At the end of the two weeks, Marble Slab Creamery had increased their Twitter following by OVER 11,000% – No that is not a typo, it actually happened ask your account manager about it next time you’re talking to them.

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