The Easiest Way to Reach New Customers? Start Blogging for Your Business!

How many times have you heard the term blogging tossed around in reference to your marketing strategy? More times than you can count, I bet. There’s a reason it comes so highly endorsed by marketers and business owners alike because it’s a GREAT way to connect with an audience. So, when you ask us “should I be blogging for my business?” our answer will almost always be “YES”! It’s more than just writing, blogs build connections. A well-written, on brand blog, is becoming an essential component of maintaining your online presence. When you blog, you’re not just writing. You’re giving your audience important information about your business, answering questions about your industry for potential

There’s No Doubt About It, Your Brand Needs Consistent Content!

This blog is all about brand streamlining & content consistency! In today’s world of modern marketing, the phrase “content is King” has never been truer. Presenting yourself to your audience in a memorable and engaging way is a necessity to grow your reach and set yourself apart from your competition! So, what’s the secret to success? Brand consistency! Think of companies like Nike, Pepsi, even KFC; when you recall that particular brand, you immediately remember the colours, message, voice, (heck, maybe even the taste) of the company. That’s content consistency at work…and customers LOVE it! How does a streamlined brand help your business grow? When you give your customers an easily digestib

Are you selling online? Here’s why you need to integrate e-commerce into your brand!

No matter the size of your business, from start-up to franchise and beyond, your primary focus as a business owner is creating a recognized and trusted brand with sustainable sales and growth. Most often, that’s easier said than done. Today’s market for any industry is highly competitive, so in order to achieve your goals, your business needs to find an edge. That edge is e-commerce! Integrating e-commerce into your brand or business means you can offer your exceptional products or services to a much broader audience, reaching new potential customers and re-engaging your existing fanbase! What is E-commerce? E-commerce is simply the integration of sales into an online platform. The entire sa

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