New social media marketing trends making waves

The social media world continues to move at lightning speed, which means businesses must stay on top of those trends in order to stay current and continue to electrify followers and users (see what we did there?). Engaging and retaining customers will forever be a marketing challenge, but with some of the new formats and fun add-ons to existing social media platforms, keeping your customers (and potential customers) interested is an achievable goal. Though much has changed in the digital landscape over the last few weeks, here’s a look at three new initiatives from top social media platforms that are already changing how we prompt businesses heading into 2018. Snapchat – advertising in a sna

7 Keys to Unlocking Success When It Comes To Digital Marketing & Advertising

Looking to capture new leads for your business? It can be a tricky task, particularly as your potential clients are faced with so much information and choice on a variety of different digital channels every second of every day. So, what’s a company to do, in order to gain the new leads needed to hit the revenue goals you have in mind? you not only need to be found online, you’ll also need to stand out from the crowd. To help you build a solid marketing plan for 2018, here are 4 ideas to help your business get found before your competitors, stand out and snap up the new leads you’ve been hunting for. Crafty Calls to Action Your company website helps to communicate your brand story, including

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