The 6 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make When Promoting Themselves Through Social Media

Many businesses today choose to promote themselves on social media. If you are one of them, you know how much time and effort is required when you incorporate this into your marketing strategy. If you’re not yet using social media as a tool to promote your products and services you’re doing your company a great injustice as there are so many people logging onto a multitude of social platforms hourly who are potential new customers that you haven’t yet tapped. If you have dabbled in posting the odd thing to Facebook or Twitter, but you haven’t had much result or you’re trying to manage your social media yourself or perhaps have an assistant who takes care of your posting… you’re going to want

6 Tips That Will Hypercharge Your Google Ads

Great ads are the lifeblood of any great business growth. You can design the most amazing product ever created, but without well-planned and executed advertising, you may never turn a profit. A critical part of advertising today includes creating unique and eye-catching (or more importantly, mouse-clicking) ads especially when it comes to ads online. Google is the #1 place on the internet that people go to search for products and services, and you can catapult yourself to the top of the pack with well-written ad copy. If you want to seriously improve your Google ad game, then you need to follow these 6 tips: Use Keywords Yes, we know this sounds obvious, but it’s still important to mention,

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