Reasons Why You’re Missing The Boat When You Advertise

You may be thinking that when it comes to advertising, a marketing plan is the same for all types of businesses, but you may not have considered the differences in strategies between a business which offers professional services versus a retail shop or restaurant. To help you out we’ve put together a quick list of a few key differences that are important to take into consideration whenever laying out a marketing or advertising plan for your business. How Can We Use Imagery To Capture Attention? Imagine biting into that juicy burger you just saw on the internet compared to visualizing yourself sitting in a lawyer’s office. You can practically taste that burger, but imagining sitting in a lawy

Lead The Way: Top Tips For Advertising For Leads

When it comes to advertising for specific types of business, turning your traffic into leads and leads into clients can take a little extra tweaking to your ads. Small changes such as behind-the-scenes targeting and simplifying your site can easily help garner you more success when advertising for leads. Let’s take a look at a few helpful hints to adjust your advertisements for better results when looking for leads that actually convert. Be Creative In the world of advertising the number one word is creativity! So when it comes to generating Facebook leads, get your creative juices flowing! You should aim for higher quality in your design, as opposed to a higher quantity of less effective ad

Generation Y: Major Stats To Consider When Advertising To Millennials

When it comes to marketing and advertising, the millennial demographic is a huge market to capture. Young adults aged 18-29 make up a large portion of consumers and are usually the easiest to bring in online. However, there are some interesting statistics you should consider when deciding on whether or not to tailor your marketing strategies towards millennials. Let’s take a look at some major stats that could change the way you advertise to Generation Y. 85% of Millennials Own A Smartphone That’s right. Those little black devices are chained to the hands of more than 8 in every 10 Generation Y you see, and they look at them an average of 45 separate times each day. So, it only makes sense t

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