Keep It Sweet: 3 Easy Way To Maximize Your Business By Leveraging Valentine’s Day

With Christmas finished and the new year on its way, it’s only traditional that the next holiday sweeping across the nation is Valentine’s Day. While many choose not to acknowledge this love-filled day as a real holiday, it is a great opportunity to boost your revenues for the month of February. Making small changes to your website and brand page to make it more Valentine’s Day-friendly can not only increase your reach, but can also give your business a big rise in sales. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can modify your marketing to appeal to February’s love birds to get your revenues singing. Everybody Wants To Feel Loved The thing about Valentine’s Day is that while it mainly cate

5 Trade Secrets For Google AdWords

While it’s no secret that Google Adwords holds the top spot in online advertising strategies, there are many features you can use in your advertising campaigns that are likely not being used to their full potential. Plenty of tiny tips and tricks, which most don’t even know about, can help you to optimize your paid search ads to maximize your online traffic and return on investment with little to no changes made to your actual ads. Let’s take a look at some of the features you should be using in your Google Adwords. If you aren’t using them already, you will be shortly! Ad Extensions Basically, an ad extension is exactly what it sounds like. It is an additional feature that allows your ad to

Busted! - 5 Marketing Myths You Need To Stop Believing

1. “Inbound Marketing Is An Internet Fad” While there have been many online trends and fads that burned bright and short, inbound marketing, such as social media and search engine optimization are not included. In fact, the concept of inbound marketing is still in its early growth stage and has far more ahead of it than it does behind. On average, 75% of marketers across the globe make inbound marketing a priority. With the constant expansion of new websites, apps and platforms, the idea of inbound marketing is only getting bigger and better. For example, Instagram is only a mere 6 years old, and it has expanded and surpassed all stereotypes that the photo-sharing platform was a quick fad. I

New Year, New You: 5 Ways To Boost Your Marketing In The New Year

With a new year comes fresh inspiration for new ideas and new successes. However, these don’t come without some hard work and a little tweak in how you’ve been operating. With so many ways you can spread the word about a business nowadays, the start of a new year is the perfect time to try out some new approaches to grow your business. Let’s take a look at some simple ideas you can use to boost your marketing results in 2017. Revamp Old Data A major part in having something like Facebook or Google AdWords as a tool to help market your business is the fact that it gives you a breakdown of what’s working in your favour and what isn’t. This kind of behind-the-scenes look at your marketing resul

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