What To Do When Your Facebook Page Has Lots of Likes, But Drives Little Results

In today’s online world, the concept of social media marketing has taken over the way we advertise and promote our businesses. From websites to apps, businesses are displaying their services and promoting their brands via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Snapchat. However, it takes more than just making a brand page & posting just anything to really see results. If you feel your efforts might outweigh your return, take a look at the quick list below for a little insight into what might be preventing your social channels from growing your business. 1 - You're Not Appearing In Searches It is estimated that as of 2016, there are over 50 million small business pages on Facebook.

Why Am I Not Seeing Results From My Google AdWords?

Like many small business owners today, spending money on Google AdWords advertising can prove to be an expensive approach, with little to no results unless you have someone behind the wheel who is well experienced in garnering results by using them. In a world where customers have more options than ever, and external costs are skyrocketing, potential clients hold more power in the market than the businesses themselves. Therefore, having a poorly functioning AdWords foundation can be damaging to a business. There is however, a silver lining. More often than not, the limited results seen from Google AdWords is actually a very solvable problem, fueled by tiny, correctable errors. To begin with,

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