Graphic Design Terminology…. What Does It All Mean?

Vector file, raster file, pixelation, jpg… feeling confused yet? You’re not alone. Often in graphic design, the terminology can be confusing for the inexperienced, but we are here to help. Some of the most commonly used terms are often the most perplexing. Yet once they are broken down into what exactly they are and why they are necessary, it’s simpler than you would think. Vector Vs Raster The difference between a vector file and raster file can be easily explained. A raster file, often a jpg, png, or tif, is an image which is made up of tiny coloured pixels. When the image is zoomed in on, the image appears to be made up of a mosaic of tiny coloured squares. However, with a vector, zooming

Trouble Reading Your Google Analytics Data Report?

If you’ve activated your Google analytics to track your website traffic and have had a chance to review a few of the reporting tools, there can be some unfamiliar words in your data report but that's why we are here to help. Most terms are very simple to understand, or are easily understood once explained. Here are a few commonly seen words and definitions that may appear on your report to help you get a better understanding of what all of those fancy numbers, acronyms and charts mean to you and your business to drive real results from your marketing efforts. Unique Visitor A unique visitor refers to the number of people from different IP addresses or computers that have viewed pages of a we

What You Need To Know About Pokémon Go!

Have you seen Charmander, Squirtle or Weedle hiding around your store lately? If not, it's time you start attracting them along with everyone else who's running around trying to catch them! With Pokémon Go hitting the streets and becoming a phenomenon so quickly we thought we'd give you the low down on why everyone is going crazy for this new game & how you can boost your sales with these a few simple tips. Why Are Churches, Art Murals and Water Towers Pokémon GO Gyms And Pokéstops? In a Squirtle shell, for the last two years, the creators of the game have been “plotting” all of the locations carefully, as well as looking to gamers for recommendations as to where they think the Pokéstops and

Should My Website Be Mobile Friendly?

In a single word, yes. There are countless benefits to making your business’s website mobile-friendly, here are a few of those benefits to help show you how e-commerce is becoming m-commence. Accessibility & Google’s Preferences Making your website mobile friendly can allow for you to optimize the number of views your site has. Not only will it increase the ways a potential customer or client can view your site, it also makes a difference to Google. Having a website that is only structured for computer use can cause Google to display it lower than if your website was mobile friendly in their searches. Google’s theory is simple, in that they are doing their job by presenting potential links t

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