Why Use Monthly Email Newsletters As A Marketing Strategy

Newsletters have rapidly gained popularity over the past few years in the digital age. This can be attributed to their effectiveness as a form of a direct marketing strategy as well as their cost effectiveness. They have become a major marketing component for most businesses because relaying information to customers and keeping them updated is an important aspect to sustaining their business. Among the most notable things with newsletter and email marketing is first that, they deliver valuable and opportune information to customers on a regular basis and secondly, they promote the business to prospective clients. Whatever the case, newsletters are an affordable and easy way to convey informa

What is a Sales Funnel and Why Should Every Business Create One?

A sales funnel is a key aspect of your marketing strategy. If you don't have one outlined and in place before reading this article. You'll want to have one in place by the time you're finished reading. Essentially it is your selling рrосеѕѕ with a predictable path which a new customer should travel along if used correctly, as a tool to capture and convert your store or website visitors into new customers. In a perfect world, a successful sales funnel might work like this: A person sees an ad for your product or service on Facebook or Google that interests them enough to click on it, which takes them to a blog post about your product or service to learn more about the product and your company

So You've Heard About Snapchat... Find Out What All The Hype Is About Here

What is Snapchat and How Does it Work? If you've been a frequent and regular user of social media, you've probably been involved in one trend, only to move on to another. Launched in 2011, Snapchat has been a big hit among teenagers and adults alike, and recently has been of interest to businesses. This popular mobile app allows its users to send disposable pictures and videos. Meaning once it's sent, it will self-destruct shortly after someone else views them. It's basically a messaging app that also allows its users to add a written caption over the picture or video with a drawing or catchphrase. Then once created, you have the option to either broadcast your media to the entire internet w

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