5 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Conversion Rate On Your Website

When a website does not produce a solid conversion rate, this is a sign that changes need to be made immediately. Increasing sales is often as simple as increasing the conversion rate from your website - But what are some of the best ways to go about this task? Read on for five of our top tips for closing more sales and growing your bottom line using your website. 1. Provide a Clear Value Proposition A company that has decided to rebuild or update their website may have failed to provide a clear value proposition. Your value proposition is the reason as to why a customer should make a purchase. Colors, fonts and the like are not important if this key message isn't clear as bell. What is impo

5 Tips for Ranking Higher on Google

When it comes to where your business ranks on Google, you definitely want a top position. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to create a Google-friendly website and keep your business at the top of the list – and top of mind. 1. Give customers what they’re looking for High-quality content on the pages of your website (especially on your home page) is the most important thing to establish. Your pages need to contain useful, relevant information, helpful to the visitors of your website. This kind of content will attract a larger audience and seduce webmasters into linking up with your site. Create information-rich, helpful pages that accurately and clearly describe your topic, and

The Bargain Hunter’s Mindset Affects Your Bottom Line

It’s hard not to shave the dollars off your prices when you’re competing for a job or a sale. When you want to win a customer’s business over your competition, putting a low price tag on your service instead of improving the quality of your product is a quick fix that will seemingly nudge you ahead. However the bargain hunter’s mindset rarely pays off in the long run. Discounting the cost of your product or service to a shockingly low amount may bring in more sales from time to time. However this decision is rarely worth the long-term cost to you as the business owner. Unreasonably low payment for your time, services or product means that you and your staff will be working twice as hard to m

6 Reasons For Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is the most popular and commonly used method for designing a mobile website. It means that you just need one website that’s coded to adapt to all screen sizes of any device being used to display your site. By comparison, a mobile menu template is a completely separate entity requiring you to have a second, mobile-only subdomain. If this difference isn’t incentive enough to go responsive, here are 6 more reasons to stick to responsive design when it comes to your business’s home on the web. 1. Mobile usage is huge. Many businesses don’t have a mobile website yet. This is a surprise, given these statistics: In 2012 mobile devices were used for more than half of local searches

Work Smarter... Not Harder - 5 FREE Tools To Create More Leads For Your Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) isn’t some kind of obscure software. It’s actually a business strategy with a handful of tools that will help you acquire, multiply and maintain profitable customer relationships. What the heck does that mean? It means that need to look at your CRM as an overall process and not just a fancy new icon on your desktop. In short a CRM strategy is a glorified sales funnel that when used correctly will pull together information about customers, sales, and marketing from each aspect of your business, and put it into a simplified software program, helping you to see and do all everything below in one dashboard on your computer or sometimes even on your mobile d

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