The Pro's & Con's of Website Mobile Menus vs. Responsive Design

If you want to optimize your website for your customers “on the go,” both a mobile site and a responsive design will do the trick. Each will offer faster load times and easier navigation. However there are a few differences. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of both mobile solutions with a quick Q&A How Future-Ready Will Your Website Be? A responsive design is a better return on investment. The technology involved with responsive design is more “forward-thinking.” Once added to the site, it works for next month’s, and even next year’s, devices without having to re-program the bones of the site any further. A Mobile Menu on your website with have higher maintenance and expense in

10 Reasons Your SEO Rankings Have Dropped

In the past, you had awesome rankings for your site, with all that traffic generating leads, emails, phone calls, and tons of sales. But then... It all dried up. Why did this happen? Where are all your visitors? How do you get your leads back so that you can get those sales flowing again? Here are 10 reasons why your SEO rankings may have dropped, and how to get back in the game: 1. The wrong rankings are being tracked Your keyword strategy may be out dated. Nowadays, people are typing complete sentences into search engines (not just a couple keywords). If you’re only tracking generic keywords, you’re way out of date and could be wasting precious ad dollars on keywords that are just way too

Top 10 Tips To Get REAL RESULTS From Your Business Efforts On Social Media

Let's Start At The Beginning There are 1.19 BILLION monthly active Facebook users, 1 BILLION monthly active YouTube users, more than 2.5 BILLION Google+ users monthly, 947 MILLION Twitter users monthly, 200 MILLION Instagram users, and 100 MILLION Pinterest users each month! Numbers like these should be a great incentive for you to simply start an account to promote your business. It’s hard to argue against the fact that you will get more exposure and become more visible to your target audience when you create a social media page (or two) for your business. The average person spends 17 minutes per hour (that’s 204 minutes in a 12 hour day!) on social media sites. This is a staggering amount

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